Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Baby's Day Out

Today was our first solo "running errands" trip! And Nicholas was soooo good!
I managed to hit 3 places before heading home... the post office (which is NOT recommended at Christmas time), the bank, and my favorite store ever, Target.

Short of me not having the stroller (it was in hubby's car and he was at work)... it was a pretty easy trip. Though, I gotta say, it took me a half hour to pack up stuff for baby (that we never even touched, but I'm thinking that was a good thing). By the time I got the baby bag, carrier with him in it, my huge Coach tote filled with my purse and 100 baby annoucement cards and myself down 3 flights of stairs and into the car, I was SWEATING.

Then on the way back up, I had all that PLUS 2 target bags... yup, all the way back up 3 flights of stairs. #betterlosebabyweightfast

All in all, it was a good trip. Nicholas slept from the minute we got in the car thru most of the errands. Though he did wake up once we were in Target for a tiny bit. Then again, who wouldn't want to look around the amazingness that is Target... and then he was passed out again til we were pulling into our development.

Even though I don't think I'll be taking him out too much since it's winter and I'd rather him not be around tons of people while he's so little, it was nice to know that I COULD do it.