Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thirsty Thursdays!

Hey peeps!
Just a quick link-up this evening with the gorgeous Jen from Going the Distance.

If i were at Happy Hour IRL, i'd want to be drinking something yummy like this:

 we'd be discussing things like:

and saying things like:

Source: via Shana on Pinterest


Source: via Shana on Pinterest

Us women-folk would mention how hot this guy is:

Source: via Shana on Pinterest

and how happy we are for baby news from them:


BUT... imagining happy hour is the closest i'll get to actually being at happy hour.

i'm working from home today and since i was out part of the morning,
i have a long night ahead of me.

so cheers my all my virtual drinking buddies,
friday is only one day away!

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Real Life Hangover

oh lawdy.... where do i begin! 

so this past weekend, the hubs and i headed down to good old AC (atlantic city) for my cousin's birthday.a fun night out? that was the plan... instead... it was the scene from a movie... namely this movie.

the wolf pack.

there was an almost fight, an almost arrest, a cha cha slide and a disappearance. oh and lots of drinking. subsequently followed by lots of puking.

before the shit show started.
the night started out with a little gambling, then we headed to da club. we started our night pretty early, 10:30... but we avoided the lines and paid reduced cover, so i guess that was a good call. we were having a pretty good time til... a cocktail waitress crashed into me, spilling an entire FULL tray of shots down ma back, in my hair, drenched my WHITE dress... luckily the shots were clear and not colored.

as people were getting drunker, shit started going down with the boys. we're still not sure what the real story is, but my cousin DJ had words with the birthday girl's friend, my brother stepped in and all of a sudden there was a lot of shoving going on, and my "beer muscles" bro was being escorted out of the club by security. did that really happen? yeah it did. once outside, i was trying to calm him down, and as he glimpsed over he happened to see the "p*ssy a$$hole" (his words) that started everything walk by... and then shit got real... he lunges for the kid, i try to restrain him, only to have a cop run over, and slam beer muscles up against the wall... SIGH. i got the bro to calm down and by that time G was walking staggering out of the club.

in the meantime, my sweet cousin, who i won't put on blast on the blog, missed most of her own birthday because she was absolutely waaaaasted 2 hours into the night. so once we were kicked out, and were standing outside, along comes DJ and her sister, almost CARRYING the poor girl out. yup. she was THAT girl. the one that can't even walk cuz she's unconscious. been there. done that. just not recently so no judgement here!

we get her up to the room, and head back down to firewaters... another bar in the Trop. by this time, the boys are just out of control drunk. Bri and i realize that hubs left his jacket in the other club, and Bri was worried her sister was choking on her own vomit up in the room, so we leave to go get the jacket and check for a pulse. we pick up the coat, and practically crawl up to the room (damn you stilettos!) and then have a "weekend at bernie" style fiasco trying to get kait up so she can drink some water. FAIL. have you ever tried moving a passed out person? dead weight.

this photo is a pretty accurate depiction of how we felt.
after those shenanigans, we head limp back down to the bar. during the time we were gone, bri's bf is texting her that they are doing shots of patron. because they needed to drink more. apparently. we get down there, and G is MIA. none of the guys know where he is. well maybe my bro did, but he wasn't forming coherent sentences at that point. so basically they lost doug (aka the hangover). DJ goes off to look for him, Bri goes to find DJ, i'm left to babysit the other 2 drunk skunks. i turn around and there's Jim (Bri's bf) doing the damn Cha Cha Slide. By Himself. In the Hallway. And white boy got some moves...... and is loving every second of it. (of course Bri misses this whole flash mob of 1, nor does the kid even remember doing this by the next morning).

fast forward to an hour and a half later, i was in a cab back to my hotel ALONE at 3am. 15 missed calls and about 30 unanswered texts later, my sweet husband finally gets in touch with me and makes it back to our room where he gracefully faceplants diagonally on our bed, leaving me to sleep on the couch, sans blanket. seriously? amateur night was finally over.

I know i'll be able to look back on this someday and laugh about it. For now, bri and i (the sober ones) have been dubbed "The Goody Two Shoes Sisters" but someone had to be an "adult" that night. bri and i already said, next time we're the ones drinking and all of them stay sober! wouldn't you agree??

another week to look forward to i guess. and looking forward to next weekend of no crazy plans! how was YOUR weekend?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Doppleganger

Today I'm linking up with hot mama Raven for

I've gotten a few certain celebs (one in particular) over the years, but i thought it would be fun to see what My Heritage would pick for me. And boy was i surprised....  shall we take a looksie?

OK, obv, being asian, it paired me up with another asian.... who... maybe is a celebrity somewhere other than the USA, because i sure as hell never heard of her...  and there's a few more asian "celebrities" on there... but PARIS HILTON???? ex-squeeze me??? KATE HUDSON? ummmmm, i don't THINK so... they are like the whitest of white girls... and i highly doubt anyone would ever say i look like them. don't get me wrong, they're both gorgeous... but they are also both BLONDE.

So i tried another photo:

Once again, mostly Asian celebrities that i've never heard of... and a dude. Though, i think its my poofy hair and his that it matched up. LOL

Here's the celebrity i get most often...
Lucy Liu
i was in a bar once and some guy was convinced i was one of the charlie's angels... bought me drinks and called me lucy liu and took pics with me... i kept telling him i wasn't but i guess he was wearing his beer goggles hard that night. True Story.

I'm guessing because she is a very popular Asian actress that people know that's why people say I look like her, even though, apart from the freckles we both share, the rest of the facial features just aren't there.

The 2nd most popular celeb people say i look like is
Carrie Ann Inaba
Our favorite DWTS judge--- once again, i personally don't see it... but i guess there aren't too many famous asian celebrities out there for people to compare me to.

Who is your celebrity Doppleganger?

Friday, April 13, 2012

Oyster Shooter x 4.

Ahhh fun photo fridays i've missed you.
Link up with my homeslice Shannon here!

Today i'm jumping back to a gross, yet fun, hilarious and traumatizing memory...
DISCLAIMER: This post is not for weak-stomach people!
Let me set the scene for you a bit...

It was 2009. Holiday Happy Hour, organized by yours truly at Big Fish - a local seafood joint in Princeton. We were all gathered after work to celebrate the holidays, relax and kick back after a successful year...

Staying true to our previous happy hours, we decided to take a shot. And me, having to prove that i was wearing my big girl panties that night decided i would partake in said shot. Only this wasn't any ORDINARY shot. It was an Oyster Shooter... now you may be wondering what kind of disgustingness is in an Oyster Shooter, so let me break it down for you:

  • Absolut Peppar
  • Splash of lemon
  • Splash of Cocktail Sauce
  • and 1 Big Ass Nasty RAW OYSTER

Yup, its SPICY and MUSHY and LEMONY all at the same time in your mouth... so basically you can't just down the shot... you have to chew the massive oyster thats at the bottom.  Only, I couldn't eat the oyster!!! I know, you have a look of PURE disgust on your face right now imagining this. I tried... i chewed, i gagged, and then i did it. I spit that sucker back into the cup. My eyes were already watering from the Absolut Peppar (that shit is HOT)...

And what follows this is absolutely horrifying.... The guy in the pic in the black button down (my buddy M) comes over to me... sees the oyster in the glass and calls me a big ol' P*SSY for not eating it.... so i chuck it down again.... chew.. chew... chew some more.... GAG and spit it back out...i just couldn't do it. that nasty ass oyster did NOT want to go in my belly....

are you ready for this..... M grabs the glass...... and DOWNS my TWICE CHEWED up oyster!!!!!
i mean, i'll admit, we were drunk as skunks, but that's just downright NASTINESS!

after i somehow managed to get myself home that night, i woke up around 4am to empty the contents of my still burning stomach and prayed to the porcelain goddess for the rest of the night... and yes... it was as spicy coming back up. (TMI?) coincidentally, M tossed the oyster onto his driveway when he got home....he also didn't remember puking until about 2 days later AFTER he called me "weak sauce" for not being able to hold my liquor.

To this day, the sight of raw oysters make me gag. so while i wouldn't want to necessarily GO BACK to this memory, it was an awesome night (pre-shot) and makes one hell of a funny story that we tell people!

What photo would YOU go back to today?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Its Not an Oscar, but its still an award

Good morning Friends! 
I just came in to see an email from my homegirl Courtney that i've been nominated for an award! 
How fun!

Here are the rules....

Each Nominee Should:
  1. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award
  2. Add an image of the Versatile Blogger Award 
  3. Thank the blogger who nominated you in a post with a link to their site
  4. Share seven completely random facts about yourself
  5. Include this set of rules 
  6. Inform each nominated blogger of their nomination

Here are the facts...
{1} My favorite food in the whole wide world are french fries. I literally could eat them I also love anything from ketchup, to gravy/cheese (aka disco fries) and even the good old Jersey Shore favorite of malt vinegar on them

 {2} I broke my femur 3 years ago in AC. Its rumored that i was table dancing, but in reality, i stood up, lost my balance and literally just fell and landed wrong. Alcohol may or may not have had a hand in the balance issue. True story.

{3} I am a true music lover. I have almost 6,000 songs in my iTunes library. That's 16 straight days worth of songs. Music ranges from hip hop to metal to country to pop. And yes, that includes some Bieber... don't hate. Surprisingly, my top most played song is "Stolen" by Dashboard Confessional, I guess I like that song a lot more than I thought.

i thirsty mama...
{4} Sometimes I let my dog drink from my cup like he's a human child. Gross? Maybe... But I haven't caught any weird diseases yet. Oh and I limit him to water, though the little bugger hopped onto the coffee table the other day and was trying to drink my lemonade!

{5} I have a name that's not only hard to pronounce but that completely confuses people when they see me.
First name - Shana (pronounced Shay-na) = Hebrew
Last name - Cannella (maiden)/Cambareri (married) = Italiano baby!
And I'm Korean by birth, Italian by adoption... people always give me the quizzical look when i introduce myself.

Hello Kitty "Engagement Ring"
 {6}  I'm 33 going on 12, and channeling my inner Asian-ness by being a HELLO KITTY freak. I have HK jewelry, notepads, shirts, pencils... and whenever i see new HK products, i scream like a child with delight. Then again, being that i would never wear that HK engagement ring... i think my obsession may still be considered somewhat mild compared to others out there.

{7} I don't smoke but have had this green "smoking" bunny on my desk at work for years. I don't even remember how this freaky little bunny came to live with me, but he's just there, puffing away daily.
Ok so those are my random facts, don't you feel just like my BFF now knowing about all my bizarre quirks?

Here's who I nominate for this fun award...
1. b.mary & blessed
2. Only in Vegas
3. Going the Distance
4. Stilettos and a fishing pole
5. Nothing Rhymes with Rachel
6. From here to eternity, eric and courtney
7. A little bit of this & that
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10. Amy's Life
11. Confessions of a 20 Something
12. Brown Girl Blogs
13. Fashion Meets Food
14. Blonde Episodes
15. Life After the Aisle

All of these women have AMAZING blogs and inspire me everyday! Go check 'em out when you have some time, you won't regret it!


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Stuck in a Rut

SIGH. well, here i am. trying to write a new blog post. and nothing is coming to mind.
lately i have been having severe writers' block when it comes to posting. in addition to that, being busy and dealing with everyday stresses, leaves me feeling empty and lazy.

  • i'm not going out every weekend doing cool things (unless you count the self-scanners at the grocery store)...
  • i'm not partying/boozing it up with friends...
  • i'm not out buying amazing spring clothes, shoes or accessories...
  • i'm not even doing any cool DIY projects...
  • and GASP, i've barely been PINNING...

so what have i been doing? a big whole lot of working, cleaning the house, doing laundry, playing with my iPhone, and kind of just being Blah...

i know i know... my life is SOOOOO hard and unfortunate (yes, im being sarcastic). i know its not. i guess what i'm just trying to say is that i've lost my blogging mojo! i've been a social media slacker lately! i TRY to keep up with Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook... but lately, i just don't care... LOL

maybe this is good, everyone needs a break from time to time. and i do try to put up something once in a while so people still know i'm alive... so all i can say is, don't give up on me... i'm trying to find my motivation and creativity and remember the whole reason i started this blog.

thanks for bearing with me friends! and don't worry, i'm still keeping up with you all!