Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Meaningful Beauty Crème de Serum Review

Hi beauties!

Remember last week when I got a sample of the
Meaningful Beauty Creme de Serum
in the mail from Influenster?

Buy it here
Yup, that's the stuff right there.

You all PROBABLY know the gorgeous woman who promotes this product?

Mmm hmm, Yup, that's her.

Well, I mean, who doesn't want supermodel GORGEOUS skin?
I certainly do.

So I was super excited to get this free from Influenster to review since
I had already been wanting to try this out.

Final verdict?
Love it.

This serum has a great consistency. It sort of reminds me a bit of a primer. Its silky and not greasy. You only need a small pump to cover your face. After all it is a serum, not a moisturizer.
I've been applying both morning and night. For day, I follow up with a moisturizer with sunscreen in it. For night, a heavier night cream. The scent is pleasant. And after a week of using it, though I can't really see any "visible" results, my skin feels really nice and really soft. It also didn't break me out at all, which is always a bonus.

This serum is a win for me and I'd definitely consider purchasing this in the future as well as trying out other products from the Meaningful Beauty line.

Have you tried Meaningful Beauty?

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Linking up today with my cyber bestie Jenn for

November is the perfect time of year to give thanks for all we have,
though, we should give thanks all the time.

Here are a few things i'm thankful for this year.

my hubby.
this man is so hard-working. the sacrifices he makes for our little family are amazing.
he is my rock and i am so thankful to have found a really good man.
(even though he's gotten 4 parking tickets this year...)

my job.
yes, i know i bitch about work more times than not. but i am really thankful to have such a good job. i bring home a paycheck, have decent medical insurance and have a ton of flexibility here.

my pup.
earlier this year we had quite a scare where we thought we were going to lose this little guy.
now i don't take a moment for granted with him because i know his little life is substantially shorter than a human. as a result, yes, he's a bit spoiled. #oops

my hair.
ok ok, i know this one's a little vain... but seriously, how can you not be thankful when you wake up in the morning, don't even bother to run a brush thru your hair and it automatically looks decent?

all of you(s) - sorry... the s is a jersey thing
all the girls i've met and have yet to meet (jenn, karly and katy) thru blogging,
these friendships are the best! and i hope to be a better blogger and get to know more of you out there!

yup, i had to throw it in there.
you know you all agree.

What are you thankful for?

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

It's been a while...

Work and life just have a way of distracting me from this lil ol' blog,
but i'm still here and truckin' along (possibly with a glass of wine in hand).

Here are the fun (and not so fun) things I've been up to these past few weeks:

We got new appliances! (and i convinced mr grinch to exchange small christmas gifts, so yay!)
don't mind all the crap on the counter...

Scooter and Rio's annual trip to the vet cost me an arm and a leg...
but look at those cute faces... totally worth it.

Eating way too much of this yummy brownie brittle

And cooking some yummy soup for the cold weather ahead
Copycat Olive Garden Zuppa Toscana

Spending some QT with my bestie who gave me an adorable belated belated bday gift
fill 'er up!

Hubby's obsession with dolls (we get them from going to the football games)
yes, these guys are in the room i do my make up checking me out everyday!

Wearing this beauty!
 love me some baublebar...

I got my glam bag, my fabfitfun box AND a meaningfulbeauty sample (free from influenster)

Leave me a comment if you'd like links for any of these services!

What have you been up to lately? 


Monday, November 4, 2013

How the Hubby Stole Christmas...

So, our diswasher broke. For the 4th time. The past 3 times G has put his handy man skills to good use and has repaired it/unclogged it/cast a spell on it and made it work again.

Also, I should mention while googling to find that image, i also found this:

Ummmmm... that pic is soon to be my MTV "True Life" story people. Because this time, according to G, le dishwasher is done. "For good". #ripdishwasher #theregoesmymanicure

Soooo, last night, in discussing whether or not we should a) just replace said dishwasher or b) spend the money and replace all the appliances with stainless steel #sochic the following conversation ensued.

me: Let's try to hold out til Black Friday to get the appliances. It's only a few weeks. Maybe we'll get a better deal.
G: OK, and I know what I want for my birthday, a microwave. And we can get the fridge and stove as our Christmas presents to each other.
me: (insert sad face). OK, i guess that's the smart thing to do...
G: Ok, so NO other presents to each other then.
me: What?! Not even like a $20 something so we can open something on Christmas??? --- said in the most whiny pathetic voice possible.

And here is the piece de resistance.

G: You will be opening the new refrigerator everyday, you don't need to open anything else.

Well played sir, well. played.

And that my friends is how the grinch hubby grinch-hubby stole Christmas.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Hallo-weenie!

Hi kids, Scooter here today, filling in for ma dukes who is off pinning or something. i swear that lady spends more time pinning food she will never make than, i don't know what.

Just thought I'd show off the TRAVESTY of a halloween costume this biatch decided to "dress" me up in this morning. We were almost out the door and she remembered. Doggone it.

If you can't see... the jacket is a spider web and the head is the spider. That's what I am. Freaking stupid spider head. Well played mom. Well played.

I mean, seriously. I'm a smart guy. My middle name isn't Einstein for nothin'!

That's my studious look. I'm in the process of updating my match.com profile and want to attract a more intellectual crowd.

I guess my look could always be worse. Check out my brother from another mother.

His outfit is a skeleton. And since he's the biggest wuss ever he's scared to just be WEARING it.

Thank God this day only falls once a year.
Scoo-dawg out!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Accidental Shopping Spree

So today I'm linking up with my twin girl Karly and her girl Niki for 

all the cool kids are doing it so i'm jumping on the bandwagon.

this past month i've sort of gotten out of control with the online shopping.
and since i have zero self control here's my mini online shopping haul.

First up, Vickie Seeks.

So far of the 3, the only one I'm not so sure about is the leather sleeves sweatshirt.
However, I'm also not crazy about having to pay the return shipping for 1 shirt, so imma try to make this one work.

Next up, LOFT.

There was 1 other top I got from here, but I can't find an online photo. 
I also got a pair of boyfriend jeans that I returned immediately.

And last...
this one wasn't an online purchase, but who can ever resist a little Tar-jay.

Have you bought any fun fall clothes?

Friday, October 18, 2013

Stream of Consciousness

Do you ever just let your mind wander and suddenly it's running off to the most remote random places ever? I find it happening more and more.

Maybe its because lately there is so much LIFE going on... juggling work, marriage, home, family and friends can get overwhelming...

Here's a little sample of what goes on inside this crazy little Asian's F-Asain's brain...

It starts out with a totally focused and valid thought.

"After work, I need to go move G's car from the Best Buy lot to the commuter parking lot."

Simple, easy.... but then the "OH" happens... and then juuuust keeps going... like the damn Energizer bunny...

"OH and while I'm over there, I should go to Wegman's and get turkey for dinner, or should i make meatloaf.... i wonder if Wegman's will be crowded... i hope not, i don't want to smash anyone with my cart like last time... cuz then I'd get arrested and that would be bad...  and then who would take care of scooter... OH, i need to call the vet to get a refill on his meds... and drop my prescription off at CVS... i wonder what time the drive thru is open til... or should i get out of the car and go in, because maybe i need something in there.... do i need anything at CVS... anything... maybe I can just look at the nail polishes, i don't have any good colors... OH i think i'm getting nail polish in my ipsy bag... where is my ipsy bag? when is it coming? did i get the tracking email? OH crap i forgot to email so-and-so back about that work thing... i only got distracted because the two loud mouths outside my office were talking about her pet turtle again... i mean, whatever, turtles are cute, but WHO DOES THAT...
wait, did G ask me to move his car? I can't remember... OH i almost forgot i need to pick up dry cleaning which is near Chipotle......... Chi-Po-t-LAY.... "
Next thing I know I'm standing at the end of the line at Chipotle, totally wondering how I got there. And G comes home with a parking ticket. #oops #hadtofeedmyface #sorryimnotsorry

Happy Friday friends! (now i'm hungry).

Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Pretties...

Just ordered this necklace from BaubleBar and can't wait for it's arrival! It's so girly and cute, and chosen by none other than beauty guru Miss Glamorazzi on YouTube. If you don't watch her videos, you should check them out!

In love with this bright pink lip for fall! Best part? The price tag.
This is totally matte and pretty much dries on your lips (which I love),
but you can always add a coat of gloss over it to glam it up even more!

Here's what it looks like on, don't mind the Jets jersey, we were on our way to a game.

And last but not least...
my pretty "girl" dog...
didn't you know scooter had a twin sister?

Happy Friday loves!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Say My Name, Say My Name...

So a couple weeks ago, I received an email from a co-worker. It began, Hi Shannon... 
Say what? 
Since when did my name change to Shannon? I mean, dude, we've worked together for 13 years and you still don't know my name? (This error was later blamed on his "artificial intelligence keyboard" or the fact that he's an asshat)

Then a few days later, G and I were out celebrating our anniversary. The waiter asked our names so the DJ could congratulate us (awwww) and G tells him, and he says, well happy anniversary Gary and Jenny!

Ummmmmm.... jenny? as in Forrest Gump, "Run Forrest Run" Jenny?

At this point, i am drunkenly hysterically laughing. And cussing my parents off for giving me such a difficult name.

I mean, let's be real y'all. Shana. Ok, seeeeems simple enough?
But is it, "shay-na" or "shann-a" or "shaun-a" or "shann-on" or "sha-nay-nay"?
(yeah, i went there with the martin reference, you know you love it.)
Apparently without the much needed "Y", no one knows.

Moral of the story? Give your kids EASY names. Like Joe. Or Bob. Or Mary.

Oh yeah, and we won't even get into how I have a Jewish first name, Italian last name (both maiden and married) and I'm a F-Asian (F-Asian = Fake Asian = adopted by a white family and not raised asian).

So yeah I'm a walking freaking enigma.

On second thought, just call me Jenny from now on.

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Mani Mondays...

oh wait... it's not monday???
cuz this is usually how MY week feels...

OK, so i'm a day late and a dollar short.
LIFE has been getting in my way lately. Stop it life.

Two weeks ago, i decided to try this:
via Pinterest

Looks easy enough? No?
I ordered my stripping tape from Amazon and it finally came after a month from China.
My fellow Asian peeps took a while with that...

And without further ado...

Big. Fat. Fail.
First of all, this shit took about TWO hours to do.
And the stripping tape... blows donkey balls
You can see it peeling on the sides of my thumbs.
And no amount of trimming with cuticle scissors, and layering clear polish over the tape proved effective.

I used the sample of the Butter London that I received in my ipsy bag...

And actually I wasn't too impressed with that either.
Fail. Fail. Fail.

Better luck next time...

Cuz this week I did this....

Eh. Save your money.
So far, I have a love/hate relationship with these polish strips.
I love the design, I love Essie.
I hate how thick they are, and the fact that they were peeling within a day?
For ten buckaroos? No thanks.
I applied these Saturday night, and I doubt they'll last the whole week.

Have you tried stripping tape or nail polish strips?

Monday, September 16, 2013

Why All the Hate?

Last night a new Miss America was crowned.

You guys, she's drop-dead gorgeous, super smart, and she happens to be Indian. The first Miss America ever of Indian descent.

And then, the twitterverse blew up and out came all the haters...

 seriously? This is America... full of people from EVERY race, color and creed.

 and these comments? just show how truly ignorant people are.
i mean, she is INDIAN... she isn't even from Iraq, Saudi Arabia, or any other terrorist country!

I could go on, and show you guys more offensive comments, but I'm pretty sure you get the point.
As an Asian-American, I am completely offended by all these people.

This was her response to the controversy surrounding her heritage:

“I have to rise above that,” said Davuluri. “I always viewed myself as first and foremost American.”
She said she is delighted she is that the nearly century-old pageant sees beauty and talent of all kinds.
“I’m so happy this organization has embraced diversity,” she said. “I’m thankful there are children watching at home who can finally relate to a new Miss America.” [source]

I applaud her for having such grace and dignity when there are SO many haters out there. I guess at the end of the day, I just don't understand why all the hate? This is a beautiful, well-accomplished, SMART young woman, who now has the avenue to help change the world. And people are fixated on the fact that she is Indian. It's such a shame that we live in a world where things like being a "Teen Mom" are ok, but having an Indian Miss America are not.

Miss America, you rock! And I really hope you can take all the negative and turn it into positive. I really hope you can show all these ignorant pieces of shit out there that we can rise above the hate.