About Me.

Hi, I'm Shay!

I'm a 30-something, newly married (once divorced) graphic designer. I live in Jersey (fist pump) with my husband and two fur babies... I'm super close with my family, though none of them even know I have this blog! I was adopted by 2 wonderful Italian American parents as was my younger brother (and yes, ladies, he's single and i'm ready to pimp him out).

I love fashion though my budget is tight as of late (saving for a house), makeup (i'll try almost any beauty product at least once) and spending time with friends and family. A good book will suck me in anytime, and i'd prefer reading a great book to going to a movie (though my husband is totally the opposite!) I try to be organized, though, we all know life sometimes gets a little messy. I love all kinds of music and have such good memories of hitting up the clubs with the girls when we were younger...

This blog is my creative outlet, my way to remember the ups and downs of life and a way to meet some great new people!

I hope you enjoy reading and welcome!

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