Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's Alright, it's OK...

she moves in mysterious ways....
 (ok, now i'm singing that in my head).

I know, I know. another blog "break". You know I like to pull these Houdini acts on you! Keeps you on your toes! So without further ado...
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It's OK... that I've had ZERO motivation to write a blog post in the last week. I blame it on always forgetting to "document"/take pics of what goes on in life. Though we all know that's just a big excuse for being a slacker!

It's OK... that I just ate a whole bag of Twizzler's this week. They were worth every. damn. calorie.

It's ALSO OK... that I'm quitting the gym. I think not having been there for SIX months means, I'm probably not going back anytime soon. I'll just be the "chubby asian" from now on.

It's OK... that I threw myself a total pity party for one last night. I'm having some frustrating health issues and I just kept thinking how unfair all of it was. Hence, some crying and pouting. Til G brought me a piece of cake and then the fat kid was happy again.

It's OK... that I'm a freak when it comes to my finances. I have a crazy excel spreadsheet budget that tracks every penny that comes in and out (mostly out) of my bank account. I like to think it makes me more accountable for my spending, and it does, sometimes. It also makes me see that we eat. A LOT. How much do you budget in for food a month? Mine keeps going up and up and up...

It's OK... that I wish I was on vacation doing something fun, instead of going to work everyday. I reminisced about our honeymoon here. Go check it out and congratulate Shannon on becoming a Mrs.!

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Onto Thankful Thursdays... because even though I've been in Debbie Downer mode all week, I still have a TON to be thankful for.

I'm thankful... for my husband. Who makes me laugh when I'm sad, and who knows just the right things to do to make me feel better.

I'm thankful... for my job. Even though its quite annoying at times, it puts food on my table and clothes on my back. And getting out at 2pm every Friday during the summer ain't bad either!

I'm thankful... for all my bloggy friends! And for the blogs I read everyday.

What are you OK with this Thursday? And what are you thankful for?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Loves of the Week

Ah Wednesday, you're here at last! 
Which means its time for my favorite link-ups!

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This is what I'm loving this week...

I'm loving... my country music playlist... it just makes me happy and puts me in a good mood on my drive to work!

I'm loving... the new shower caddy i got for the bathroom compliments of Tar-jay. Yes, people its the little things in life that make me happy. Or i'm THAT lazy that i hated bending down to pick up shampoo and body wash bottles all the time. A little bit of both maybe? ;)

I'm loving... that my mom LOVES emo's. Ma dukes is up to date with technology and has an iPhone. I recently installed Emoji on her keyboard and now its a "moji" (her words) frenzy! Apparently she also downloaded an app on her own... watch out world, next she'll be on facetime!

I'm loving... being hopeful that good things are to come for the Cambareri family. Sometimes its hard to have a positive outlook when things don't happen when you want them to, but i know God has the perfect plan for us, we just have to be patient.
yup, a phillies fan and a yankee fan living in harmony! (for the most part...)
 What are you loving on this gorgeous summer day?

Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Faves

TGIF!!! Finally we made it to the weekend!
I'm hoping to hit the beach for a little sun and relaxation tomorrow & then spend Sunday with Dad.
But first, here are 4 of my faves for Friday.

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{ Favorite song }

oh luke. you've won me over with that awesome country voice.
and this song has been stuck in my head all week.

{ Favorite item of clothing }

on sale!

i fell in love with this dress the minute i tried it on. its soft, silky and oh so comfy!
perfect for an afternoon at the shore, or a family BBQ.

{ Favorite face wash }

buy it here
This Mario Badescu enzyme cleansing gel leaves my face with such a fresh feeling.
Plus it smells awesome too! A little goes a long way and the bottle will last a really long time!

{ Favorite junk food }

three words: Totally FREAKING addicting.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Birthday Recap

So here we are at Thursday already! I was off for my 21st 30th (plus tax and tip) b-day on Monday... and since i've been back at work i have been super swamped.

Anyway, my birthday was amazeballs! OK that might be a bit strong, but it was really darn good. I got the book light I wanted for my Kindle, a massage from my parents... wait that sounds weird... a certificate to get a massage (from a professional, LOL) and a Pandora bracelet from my MIL. G got me some charms for the bracelet & an outfit from Arden B.
now i can read at night! yay!

the wedding bell is from my MIL. the sparkles and love are from G.

Monday afternoon we hit up some amazing French food at The Avenue in Long Branch. We sat outside right on the beach, and though it was really nice, it was also windy and FREEZING.

our view!

Funny convo that happened at lunch... we ordered a tuna tartar appetizer and it came with this foamy looking yellow-ish stuff on it. which to this day, i still really don't know what it actually was... but...

me: hmmm, look at that foamy stuff on the top, i wonder what that is?
G: its cascade.
me: oh, really? ok, if you say so.
{i start digging in... g is just looking at me}
G: honey, you know cascade is dishwasher soap right?
me: yeah
G: then why would you believe me when i said that's what was on this?
me: um, i don't know. sometimes do you think i'm really actually blond and not asian?
 {we were dying laughing}

Tuesday I came home to a package from my BFF Jen... she knows me so well!

And Wednesday, another surprise package from my bloggy BFF Katy. She's Asian and knows my love for Hello Kitty and candy... how much does she rock? Go follow her blog, she has tons of awesome photos of vegas! one of these days i'm totally getting out there so we can meet!

Overall, all these things made my birthday ROCK! I was semi-depressed about turning another year older. After all, once you turn 21, the allure of getting older kind of fades... But, here's to embracing the wisdom (and less blond moments), clarity, and patience that comes with age!

Cheers my friends!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Fridays Letters

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Dear Mother Nature, Thank you for finally giving us a gorgeous day and what's looking to be a gorgeous weekend. After all this rain, we needed it! Dear Girl Parts. IDK what in the hey is going on down there, but get it together! I feel like i'm in high school again or in a horror movie (aka bloody massacre - sorry TMI). Dear Dad, Telling me I can just give you money instead of buying you an actual Father's Day Gift is just plain weird. I'm getting creative for you instead. Dear CourtneyCakes, I'm so excited that i won your giveaway! I never win anything!! Yay! (go visit her awesome blog friends!) Dear Mother-in-law, You are the cutest thing in the world and I can't wait to see you Sunday. Dear Gummy Vitamins, You are delicious. I wish I could eat more than just two of you a day! Dear Birthday Fairy, Please grant all my wishes. There's only 2 of them, so hopefully its not too much trouble.

Happy Friday everyone!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Last 10 Pins.

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I decided today that i would just link up my last 10 pins. and being that i've been pinning for the last half hour (at work, oops) here they are.

I miss being able to wear my hair in a sock bun. Its just too dang short... grow hair grow!

Love how the cabinets and appliances look! Dream kitchen.
Source: via Shana on Pinterest

Cute for a date night at the boardwalk!

How awesome would that be? I predict Snooki the winner!
Source: via Shana on Pinterest

Why, yes, i do have a pair of shoes that i bought over a month ago that i haven't worn. So going to try this at home!

One word: YUM.

Trying to keep a positive attitude! ;P

Blazer love.

Fun for a summer pedicure! And you don't have to worry about not being able to paint your non-dominant foot!

True story. I really procrastinate on folding. Every week. without fail.

what have you been pinning today?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Random Tuesday Musings

  •  Who do you think Emily will choose in the end? After watching last night, my bet is on either Arie (the race car driver) or Sean (the blondie)... I couldn't believe she gave Ryan a rose after he referred to her as a "trophy wife". Thoughts? 
  • Sidenote: G may or may not have totally gotten into the show once i suckered him into watching with me! hehehe.
  • My birfday is a mere 6 days away... its hard to believe at this time last year, i wasn't even engaged, yet alone married and living with my man. My how things can change in just a year. And hopefully we will have even more changes on the horizon! ;P
  • Speaking of birthdays, i asked for a book light for my kindle. Major NERD factor. But if it keeps me from going blind trying to read, then mission accomplished.
  •  I had a major nail fail this past week. Then another right after that. The second of which, i simply left on. Can we say ghetto fab?
  • Work is slowing down, and though its nice to take a breather, i almost now feel like i don't know what to do with myself! I guess now i can finally catch up on the month of timesheets i keep putting off.
  • I hate living paycheck to paycheck... i sometimes feel like i'm never getting anywhere in paying off my bills and saving.
  • With that said, the fact that it takes our living room tv a minimum of 1 hr to turn on (we get sound but no picture) makes me want to run to Best Buy and buy a new TV asap. But i won't. Hubs asked me if i wanted a new tv for my bday... nice try hubs, nice try.
  • Google reader is pissing me off. It does weird things with my followed blogs, in that it doesn't group them the right way. Then some of your blogs don't even show. If i could throw google reader across the room, i so would. What do you use to read your blogs?
  • With that said, blogger is also giving me issues... and i was even contemplating jumping to word-press... yeah i know... i probably won't. but i did check it out.

 Is it hump day yet???