Friday, November 21, 2014

The Birth Story, Part 1

While Baby Nicholas takes a snooze, I figured I'd try to get in writing his birth story (before I forget the details, yes I'm {happily} sleep deprieved!)

So, it all started on Wednesday, November 5th. I was exactly 38 weeks along and had a routine appointment with my OB for a growth ultrasound. I had worked from home that day, and around 2pm went off to my appointment, figuring I'd be home by 3:30 to continue working... how wrong I was!

At the ultrasound appointment, the tech took her time looking at baby. She said he looked great, had a strong heartbeat, and didn't like the probe since he was flipping all around when she'd press it on my belly! Then she started to measure the fluid in the amniotic sac. The levels concerned her and she told me not to be nervous because he looked great but she needed me to go back out in the waiting room because she needed to show the doctor her report. After about 10 minutes, I was in another room and hooked up to the NST monitor. After 30 minutes on the monitor, Dr J came in and said baby looked great, however, the level of fluid concerned her. She wanted me to go to the hospital for some futher monitoring and for another BPP (biophysical profile). At this point, I still didn't think Baby Camb was on his way... Once I got to my car, I got on the phone with my hubby and was surprised when I saw the Dr beeping in... she told me there was a change in plans and not only did I need to head to the hospital, I would be spending the night there. I was allowed to go home to quickly grab my things, and then headed with my mom to the hospital.

Once we were checked into L&D, things were pretty quiet. Hubby was on his way home from work to spend the night with me... and basically i was just going to be hooked up to the NST monitor for the night and then would have the ultrasound the following morning.

We spent an uneventful night in the room, listening to Baby Camb's heartbeat on the monitors, and then first thing in the morning were sent downstairs to ultrasound. The techs down there deemed no change in the fluid and actually said to me, wow looks like you're going to be having a baby!

Once we got back upstairs to meet with Dr J, she told us that since baby's fluid was so low and that i was 38 weeks, full term, she would feel more comfortable if we started the process of getting him out. This meant induction. She gave me an internal, I was only fingertip dialated (which is like nothing) and gave me a cervical softener (which looked similar to an IUD) to get things started. The softener would stay in place for 12 hours and I could just hang out and wait for it to work it's magic. That was noon on Thursday. They checked me around midnight that night and inserted a second softener since there wasn't much progress. Hubby and I just continued to hang out, watch tv, and ordered some food. I wasn't feeling any pain or discomfort and still had no idea what lied ahead.

The following morning Dr R was on call and came to check my progress... which ended up not being much. He removed the softener and instead put in a cervical balloon to try to stretch my cervix and encourage dialation. Yes, this was SUPER uncomfortable, but I progressed to 3cm... by 9am, the pitocin was started and I thought for sure things would get moving. Throughout the day, they increased the dosage of the pitocin to try to increase the contractions, and would check me every few hours. By that night (Friday), I was given my last meal, and they figured with the pitocin working overnight, things might get moving. But boy were they wrong....


  1. Even though I already know the story from you, I think it's great you documented it all!

  2. WOW! Looking forward to reading part 2!