Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Wants...

With warmer weather that arrived this past weekend, i'm hoping spring decides to stick around (F that stupid groundhog!) And with bright colors and flip flops just around the corner, I'm definitely making a list of some swoon worthy items for my spring wardrobe.

After taking a look at my shoes from last year, i've noticed that they have seen some of their better days... as much as i'd really really really love a pair of these.... their price is just not house-saving friendly.
wanna buy these for me?

So I'm hoping i can get ma butt to Nordy's to try on (and buy) these instead... while they're still a bit more pricey than i normally would spend on ballet flats, i do get major use out of flats so i can justify.
the denim on the left is calling my name!

Thoughts? Debating getting black leather or denim... though the leopard is fun too...

While this next item may not scream out "spring",  i've been on the hunt for it for a while... so if i come across one i like, you can bet i'll be scooping it up! Perfect to wear on a cooler spring day or to pair with a t-shirt and a blazer...


Next on my want list is a chambray shirt... ever since i saw Lily's outfit posts with her chambray shirt, i've been looking for one. This one is a little pricey, but Ann Taylor is a good brand and i know it would be something i could keep in my closet for a long time.


The last thing that i've been wanting is a fun going out shirt... we're hitting up AC in a month for my cousin's birthday and i'd love to wear something like this...

What items are on your must-have list for spring?

Sorry i've been MIA lately... i've been lacking time & blog inspiration... :-)

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  1. I agree to everything. LOVE the flats! I've started wearing them more...kinda weird cause I like to make up for my vertical challenged-ness by wearing heals a lot.

    And seriously, that scarf! CUTE! I STILL can't find one either. I have found two skirts, a top and a pair of heels in cute leopard print! :)

    I feel like I've been seriously lacking in blog inspiration lately as well. Or even commenting...or having time to read. Ugh. Horrible. I blame being sick?!?