Friday, March 15, 2013

Finally Friday!

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Dear Google Reader: I'm completely annoyed that you are shutting down in a few months. Now i have to find another way to read the 200+ blogs on my reader. Yes, i know there are other options out there... but there are none that i'm really in love with. I liked that i could read entire posts within your site without having to go to the original unless i wanted to comment. Yes, sometimes you're a PITA, but please.... don't go...

but since it's happening, i just sent all my blogs to bloglovin'.... so follow me here.

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Dear Husband: Boy you REALLY pissed me off yesterday. You're lucky I won't see you til tomorrow. And you should remember one key thing... happy wife=happy life. Period. End of story. (and ok, i MAY be being a bit dramatic, but its just courteous to tell someone who's running YOUR errands that the Rx they are picking up is at a pharmacy you NEVER use. That way the super sweet nice person running YOUR errands does not go to the wrong pharmacy. TWICE.)

Dear Dunkin Donuts: Sorry i had to fly by you on my way to work this morning. But this girl was just running too late to be able to stop for some of your deliciousness. You KNOW that strawberry frosted donut was straight up calling to me.... instead i enjoyed endured a 100cal granola bar. Bleh.

Dear Paycheck: Thanks for getting here today, but i really need you to be BIGGER. Like A LOT bigger. Can we somehow work on that? Mama needs some new spring clothes and with $2,000 vet bills, that's not happening anytime soon. SO, unless i get a second job selling my body we need to work on how to increase you.

Dear Readers: I hope you'll continue to follow me once Google Reader ends up in the shitter. It would be much appreciated. I love the "friends" I've made so far and can't wait to meet some of you in person!

Happy Friday dolls!

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