Thursday, July 25, 2013

Summer Shows

Good morning party peoples!
Thursday is finally here... for some reason i thought both Tuesday and Wednesday were Thursday, so disappointing.

Anyway just wanted to dish on some of my favorite summer shows today... even though it's torture to wait for Revenge, Grey's Anatomy, Hart of Dixie and Nashville to come back in the fall, there is more than enough TV to keep me occupied this summer!

Starting with....
{Mondays @10pm, ABC}
This has fast become one of my favorite shows... first of all who doesn't love Alyssa Milano. It's so great to see her back on TV again... the other 3 actresses i wasn't familiar with, but i am loving all the drama and different situations each of these women is in. And there are some major jaw-dropping moments that leave you wanting more!

{Sundays @10pm, Lifetime}
Another all woman cast, this show has a Latin flavor, but also some juicy drama! The series opens with a murder and the plot twists on this show are getting good! On a side note, the outfits that these "maids" wear... who cleans in that??

{Sundays @8pm, Style Network}
Sister, sister is back! All grown up with babies and husbands, i never thought i would love this show because i kinda thought they were annoying when they were young. BUT... i heart these girls... they are so real, so funny and entertaining...

{Sundays @8pm, Bravo}
Can we get a holla for some drama..... of course i have to tune in to watch these crazy bishes attack each other every week. and i am on Team Melissa all the way... i know neither of them are innocent, but Teresa is just bat shit cray cray. Not to mention super annoying.

And last but not least, my guilty pleasure...

{Wednesdays @9pm, TLC}
oh honey boo boo... simply put, you entertain me. with your bodily functions, babies with extra thumbs, and the fact that Pumpkin wanted to eat Pigzilla (a 4 pound pork sandwich) for her birthday. I mean, seriously guys... reality tv doesn't get better than this. #winning!

What shows are on your must-watch summer list?

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