Monday, July 21, 2014

The Sweetest Surprise!

This weekend we got a lot done for Baby C's room. I taped up all the walls, hubby did the painting. We picked out a ceiling fan and bought curtains... everything is coming along so perfectly, we'll be ready for this little guy with lots of time to spare!

The MOST exciting thing we've gotten for the room so far though...

This ADORABLE mobile from my BOFF Jenn! This was seriously the sweetest surprise that showed up at my doorstep on Friday afternoon. I had 2 boxes waiting for me when I came home from my pre-natal massage (if you're preggers, go get one, it's heavenly); my organic fruit/veggie box and another box... i racked my brain trying to think of what, if anything i had ordered. And once I opened said box, i was just so super surprised i could not stop smiling... i may have even teared up at Jenn's sweet message. Of course I immediately had to snap a pic and put it on Instagram and Facebook.

After all, i just finished making the registry this past week and it's the very first gift we've received off of it! Good job Jenn, #winning! (And yes, I will make sure your thank you card is in the mail ASAP! LOL!) I'm so excited for the nursery to be ready so I can hang this baby up!

Jenn - thank you SO much for your sweet, thoughtful surprise. I'm so so happy we've become such good friends over the past couple of years. People come in and out of our lives, but I sure am glad you came into mine.

And here's a pic of the bump from the weekend... I'll be back soon with a bumpdate and some pics!

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  1. I was SO happy to do it--you've done such nice things for me since I've met you and I was glad I was able to return the favor and share in celebrating your newest and most exciting step in life! I can only hope to meet you AND HIM sometime soon!! :)
    I can't believe I don't have a thank you card yet...I mean...what's wrong with you??? :) Love you girl!! So so so happy for you!