Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Bumpdate 26 Weeks

Hi friends! Oh my word... was the last time i blogged really back in July?
The shit hit the proverbial fan at work, and i've just been a busy busy bee.
Which is a good thing, i suppose... job security right?

Anyhoo... since i'm way too busy lazy to go back and find my usual bumpdate topics, i'm just going to do this bulleted style for you today!

  • Today I am exactly 26 weeks along. Baby is the size of a head of lettuce? OK... don't get me started on these weird fruit/veggie comparisons... they are just bizarre.
  • Kick kick kick... this kid is going to be a soccer player for sure! Active is quite the understatement for this little one! Wonder if he'll kick this much OUTSIDE of the womb as he does on the inside.
  • Hubby has only felt 1 or 2 kicks so far on the outside... i think he's a little impatient with waiting to feel anything... i mean, he expects the baby to kick on command? not gonna happen daddy-o! LOL
  • Everything is planned for this little guy's shower... invites went out, so i'm super excited to see all my friends and family in about 6 weeks
  • Registry is DONE! Yippee! After endless hours in Babies R Us, and finding the cutest little loafers for little man to wear for Christmas, i don't plan on setting foot in that store for at least the next couple of months
  • Pregnancy symptoms: nasal rhinitis (snoring like a 300 lb man), tailbone pain (ouch! i sit on an inflatable donut at work like an 80 year old), WRIST pain (this is a new one, and i don't know whether i sprained something or if this is truly pregnancy related), indigestion, the beginnings of constipation (which i've heard is going to get worse, eek! benefiber is my bff), peeing 8,000x a day (i think baby is low and pretty much on my bladder)
  • Next week is my 1 hr glucose test, wish me luck
  • I have yet to open the exercise DVDs but am SWEARING i will do one tonight. definitely. maybe. probably... the excuses continue.
Think that's it for now since i'm getting slammed with more work... here are some pics from the last few weeks that i've been MIA! (sorry if some are recycled from Instagram).

At the Jets game (25 weeks, 1 day)

Someone stole the Boppy!
24 weeks

Selfie before a girls day out...

Cutest little loafers!!!
Jets slippers! I'm a sucker for cute shoes!

Ceiling fan and light installed, thanks hubby!

Some fun onesies from Old Navy

Have a great week and i hope to be back sooner rather than later!


  1. You are so cute!!! I 'LIKE' all of these ;) Love all of the cute clothes for little man! And you in the Jets Jersey, you cute preggo! :) Love youuuuuu!!!!!

  2. You look adorable. I totally always thought the fruit/veggie comparisons were so strange too!
    Good luck on your glucose test :)

  3. Awwwww so cute! love the lil shoes :)! You look fabulous, lady!

  4. You look so great.

    I was at that Jets game too!