Monday, May 7, 2012

Dear Monday...

Taking my cue from Shannon since i missed her link up for Fun Photo Fridays to write a few letters this Monday...

Dear Monday: You came way too fast. My house is only half-cleaned and I miss hanging with my hubs on Saturday & Sunday.

Dear Box of Nerds: You rock. I just wish I hadn't eaten you all in one sitting. What am I going to enjoy for the rest of the week?

Dear Apple: Please hurry up with iPhone 5. My phone is busted and I really need a new one. I mean, it works, but i'm rollin' ghetto style.

Source: via Shana on Pinterest

Dear Annoyingly Worst Project Manager EVER: I hope you choke get severe diarrhea for the next month. I don't care about your "crappy living situation". The fact that you make EVERYONE's life miserable because you can't do your job makes me not feel one bit bad for you. Oh and get a land line and stop being so cheap. It's impossible to have conference calls with someone who's phone cuts out every other word.

Dear Boss: I'm sorry for bitching constantly about above mentioned crappy project manager. But she sucks. Big Giant Donkey Balls. Please "intervene". I beg you.

Dear Scooter: Thank you for being the best/cutest/cuddliest dog on this planet. But for the love of God, use the damn Wee-wee pad. I'm tired of cleaning dog turds.

Dear Stomach: Stop being so fat. Its very unbecoming of you. Summer is around the corner bish, so SHAPE up or SHIP OUT.

Dear Laundry: 3 words. WTF.

Dear Husband: If you want me to read 50 Shades of Grey so bad, go buy it for me! Til then, you'll have to wait til i can make it to the bookstore.

Who would you write letters to today?


  1. Hahaha love all of these! I haven't had a box of nerds in years!! I love those. You NEED to get out and get 50 Shades of Grey...but I agree - have your man buy it for you:)

  2. OMG. You're hilarious.
    I also was hating a few coworkers last week. There are some complete idiots here, and I honestly wonder how they have gotten this far in life. I have been unbelievably addicted to the Sour Punch Bites. Addicting! Ugh. Also, can I come visit and put Scooter in my purse? He's so stinking cute!!! Last but not least....Do you have a kindle? Either let me know if you have an email address for your kindle and I can send you the 50 Shades files...or try and send them in a zip file. ;)