Sunday, May 20, 2012

Oops, I Did it Again...

I've neglected the poor bloggy... and for that i apologize. 
Life has been so hectic in the past few hours, days, weeks that i just haven't had time to post!

But, let me try to catch you up on some of the comings and goings of life...

Let's reeeeee-wind.

{Green Leaf Pet Resort & Hotel}
Ma dukes and I went to the grand opening of this doggie spa/hotel last Saturday. The place was ah-mayyyyy-zing... if you're a dog... they have doggie day care, training, grooming and boarding.

Apparently the rooms are as expensive as hotel rooms for humans! The most expensive "suite" is $139 a night! True story.
I found Scooter's next bed... fit for the little prince he is... however, i don't have 250 bones to drop on a prince bed, and hubby would probably murder me if i came home with that. even though scooter TOTALLY deserves it!

{Mother's Day}
This year for Mother's Day the "kids" of the family were in charge... yes, i'm 33 and married, and still at the kid's table... the "kids" consist of myself, my brother, and my 2 cousins... we decided to have dinner at my mom's house and we'd cook supply order half and cook half of all the food... so we decided on an italian theme... we made the appetizers and desserts... my brother made a delicious baked ziti and we ordered all the meat entrees from the local italian deli. my appetizers were these mini sausage quiches. soooo good and easy to make!
i of course got NO other pictures of the day (i really need to work on that) but all went well and the moms were really happy to have a relaxing day. my kitchen however looked like something exploded in there by the end of the weekend.

My semi-crappy week was brightened considerably by the arrival of this package from my bloggy bestie Katy!
Inside she put a bag of Sour Punch Bites that she's been addicted to and that i've looked everywhere for and had been dying to try, another yummy strawberry candy that i'm told is "asian" anddddd Hello Kitty sunglasses which i LOVE LOVE LOVE (and coincidentally G likes to put on and dance around in. shhh. don't tell him i told you that!) Katy, YOU ROCK! Thanks for the goodies!

{Other Misc. Stuff}
Other than that, the rest of my week was filled with...
 Laundry... see scooter "helping"...

Glitter nail polish removal, definitely a process.

Some really good reading! Both books I definitely recommend!
And burning my hand while making this awesome balsamic chicken.
Long story short, i put the skillet IN the oven, then the directions had the skillet ON TOP of the stove to cook more, and guess who forgot the skillet had been IN the oven and grabbed the handle.
Without a pot holder.

the chicken came out really good though. LOL.

anyway, that's been what's been going on since i've last posted.
sorry to put you on overload, but life has been busy!

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  1. Ok. First....$139 a night!?!?! Shhhhit!

    Also, I really really like your kitchen!

    I really think you need to capture G on film dancing with the Hello Kitty sunglasses. I also realized AFTER I sent the package that I was going to try and stop and get you those magical unicorn bandaids!!! ;)

    Have you finished Fifty Shades of Grey yet??