Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Hallo-weenie!

Hi kids, Scooter here today, filling in for ma dukes who is off pinning or something. i swear that lady spends more time pinning food she will never make than, i don't know what.

Just thought I'd show off the TRAVESTY of a halloween costume this biatch decided to "dress" me up in this morning. We were almost out the door and she remembered. Doggone it.

If you can't see... the jacket is a spider web and the head is the spider. That's what I am. Freaking stupid spider head. Well played mom. Well played.

I mean, seriously. I'm a smart guy. My middle name isn't Einstein for nothin'!

That's my studious look. I'm in the process of updating my profile and want to attract a more intellectual crowd.

I guess my look could always be worse. Check out my brother from another mother.

His outfit is a skeleton. And since he's the biggest wuss ever he's scared to just be WEARING it.

Thank God this day only falls once a year.
Scoo-dawg out!