Friday, October 18, 2013

Stream of Consciousness

Do you ever just let your mind wander and suddenly it's running off to the most remote random places ever? I find it happening more and more.

Maybe its because lately there is so much LIFE going on... juggling work, marriage, home, family and friends can get overwhelming...

Here's a little sample of what goes on inside this crazy little Asian's F-Asain's brain...

It starts out with a totally focused and valid thought.

"After work, I need to go move G's car from the Best Buy lot to the commuter parking lot."

Simple, easy.... but then the "OH" happens... and then juuuust keeps going... like the damn Energizer bunny...

"OH and while I'm over there, I should go to Wegman's and get turkey for dinner, or should i make meatloaf.... i wonder if Wegman's will be crowded... i hope not, i don't want to smash anyone with my cart like last time... cuz then I'd get arrested and that would be bad...  and then who would take care of scooter... OH, i need to call the vet to get a refill on his meds... and drop my prescription off at CVS... i wonder what time the drive thru is open til... or should i get out of the car and go in, because maybe i need something in there.... do i need anything at CVS... anything... maybe I can just look at the nail polishes, i don't have any good colors... OH i think i'm getting nail polish in my ipsy bag... where is my ipsy bag? when is it coming? did i get the tracking email? OH crap i forgot to email so-and-so back about that work thing... i only got distracted because the two loud mouths outside my office were talking about her pet turtle again... i mean, whatever, turtles are cute, but WHO DOES THAT...
wait, did G ask me to move his car? I can't remember... OH i almost forgot i need to pick up dry cleaning which is near Chipotle......... Chi-Po-t-LAY.... "
Next thing I know I'm standing at the end of the line at Chipotle, totally wondering how I got there. And G comes home with a parking ticket. #oops #hadtofeedmyface #sorryimnotsorry

Happy Friday friends! (now i'm hungry).


  1. oh my goodness that's how my brain works. we should be best friends!

  2. HAHAHA I love this - this is SOOO me!! And anytime my mind wanders to Chipotle there is NO turning back! Hope you figure out a good plan for tonight:)

  3. As long as you end up at Chipotle, it's going to be okay.

  4. Bahahahaha. OMG. That kind of sounds like what i do. I just try and utilize my 'note' app. Although sometimes that fails, because I write one word, then later have no idea what it's talking about. Oh, I also think you need to explain about this smashing someone with your cart??