Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Pretties...

Just ordered this necklace from BaubleBar and can't wait for it's arrival! It's so girly and cute, and chosen by none other than beauty guru Miss Glamorazzi on YouTube. If you don't watch her videos, you should check them out!

In love with this bright pink lip for fall! Best part? The price tag.
This is totally matte and pretty much dries on your lips (which I love),
but you can always add a coat of gloss over it to glam it up even more!

Here's what it looks like on, don't mind the Jets jersey, we were on our way to a game.

And last but not least...
my pretty "girl" dog...
didn't you know scooter had a twin sister?

Happy Friday loves!


  1. Scootina hahahah. I've put Cooper's ears up in a pony tail before--he looks like a valley girl cheerleader. Our poor

  2. Love the necklace and the lip cream! I've been failing in the blogging world lately.

  3. Hey! It would be great if you could email me. I want to ask you a dog question!