Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Funnies & Furries (and Flurries!)

Happy Friday peeps! This week SERIOUSLY dragged, but we're finally here.
Well, you're there, and i'm on my couch. Working from home.
Its already raining and "flurry-ing" over here in the dirty Jerz.

Sweet Brown, i agree. Ain't nobody got time for this weather! And who knows if it will be "Snowmageddon" as our weather men are predicting, but in case it is, i'll be heading out at lunch to fill the car with gas and get some essentials.

In more serious news, i've been going a little nuts on facebook sharing "animal-related" posts. I follow a special needs rescue group in North Jersey that really specializes in taking animals that are going to be euthanized because of their breed. They also set up special needs dogs with doggie wheelchairs. (hee hee...) Obviously being a dog lover, their cause is close to my heart. And while i can't rescue any of the dogs they put up, i share all their posts and try to donate when i can. Here was their post yesterday...

(and you can see to the right where i "liked" and commented).... but doesn't this just BREAK YOUR HEART?! it seriously makes me want to cry. so if you're on fb and have a few spare dollars, PLEASE donate to help this boy out! here's their link...

And lastly, my husband thinks i'm obsessed with taking pics of my dog. Nonsense. You can never have too many photos of this cute face!
Plus, how else am i supposed to practice with my camera?
TGIF! Catch ya on the flip side!

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  1. So glad people are spreading the word about these animals that desperately need a home! And Nonsense is so darn cute!!!!!!!