Thursday, February 21, 2013

I'm the Kinda Girl Who....

Thought this would be a fun link up for today (missed it yesterday)...

I'm the Kinda Girl who...

tries (in vain) to stay on a budget every month

always puts the shopping cart back in the shopping cart return,
no matter how far away my car is parked

has entire conversations... with my dog

secretly loves when my hubby plays practical jokes on me

always smiles and is polite to the cashiers at the grocery store

makes a shopping list, and forgets to take it

has Hello Kitty stuff all over her office at work

wears stilettos one day, and chucks the next

has a really strong faith in God

cries over stories about love, compassion, and anything animal-related

has lip balm/chapstick at all times

chews a piece of gum everyday on the way home from work

has a car seat for her dog

still wants mom when she's sick

will go out of her way to help a friend

has lofty ideas, but almost always gets lazy about them

What kinda girl are you?


  1. We are so similar...but we already knew that :)

  2. I cry over anything animal also!