Thursday, February 7, 2013

5 Things

Hi friends!
One more day til the weekend...
and here in Jerz we're either getting dumped with snow or just rain.
Hoping for the latter...
I saw this on Dana's blog and it looked like fun, so here goes!

5 Things About Me ... 

... you'll find in my purse
1. my Hobo wallet
2. about 5 different lip products
3. gum
4. Tide to go pen
5. and these...
 yes, toilet drops. to eliminate poo stankiness. cuz let's face it. sometimes emergencies happen and if you don't want everyone knowing you were the one to stank up, you just drop in a few drops of these magical toilet drops and it smells like flowers. no lie.

... you'll find in my bedroom
1. sleep mask (since hubby watches tv all hours of the night)
2. My iPad
3. lip balm (do we see a trend here?)
4. exercise equipment aka the tour de france cycling bike
5. my hubby. and no this is not meant to be dirty. that guy loves hanging out in our bedroom, watching tv, see above. apparently the "bachelor pad" living room couch that he picked out is not comfy nor is the tv big enough for his liking.

... I've always wanted to
1. be part of a flash mob

2. do a vlog (but worry that no one would watch it)
3. have a big family, like 4 kids (crazy i know)
4.  have my own house
5.  see the eiffel tower and eat crepes in a french cafe

... I'm currently loving
1. Revlon Photo Finish foundation
2. Candy Crush (iphone/FB game... addicted!)
3.  my Canon T4i camera i got for Christmas
4.  that scooter hasn't been itchy in days!
5. my new Nivea Lip Butter

... quirks I have 
1. i hate static-y radio stations and need to change them immediately
2. i have a jewish first name, an italian last name, and i look asian
3.  no one can ever say my name right the first (and sometimes forever) time
4. i have full (one-sided) conversations with scooter when no one is home and in the car. i may or may not also sing to him... for his entertainment surely!

5. i keep a pink snuggie in my office for super cold days

What are 5 things about YOU that i don't know?
Share them below!


  1. Love this!! :) Thanks for reading and doing your own! I am a new follower!! LOVE your fur babies omg!! I want a brother for Frankie so so bad :(

  2. Linked up to you today!!! Check it out! :) XO

  3. LOVE this! So stealing this idea for a future post! And I totally have conversations with Zoe and Rylie all the time.

  4. I'm obviously catching up on blogs...and I love this post!! I want to do a flash mob too..and a vlog. Maybe we should get together and cross those off our list? ;)

  5. Love this!! I have something similar in my purse called Poo-pupperi it does the same thing I LOVE it.

  6. Omg--these toilet drops are funny!! And genius. Where do you find these, I've never seen such a thing.