Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's Alright, it's OK...

she moves in mysterious ways....
 (ok, now i'm singing that in my head).

I know, I know. another blog "break". You know I like to pull these Houdini acts on you! Keeps you on your toes! So without further ado...
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It's OK... that I've had ZERO motivation to write a blog post in the last week. I blame it on always forgetting to "document"/take pics of what goes on in life. Though we all know that's just a big excuse for being a slacker!

It's OK... that I just ate a whole bag of Twizzler's this week. They were worth every. damn. calorie.

It's ALSO OK... that I'm quitting the gym. I think not having been there for SIX months means, I'm probably not going back anytime soon. I'll just be the "chubby asian" from now on.

It's OK... that I threw myself a total pity party for one last night. I'm having some frustrating health issues and I just kept thinking how unfair all of it was. Hence, some crying and pouting. Til G brought me a piece of cake and then the fat kid was happy again.

It's OK... that I'm a freak when it comes to my finances. I have a crazy excel spreadsheet budget that tracks every penny that comes in and out (mostly out) of my bank account. I like to think it makes me more accountable for my spending, and it does, sometimes. It also makes me see that we eat. A LOT. How much do you budget in for food a month? Mine keeps going up and up and up...

It's OK... that I wish I was on vacation doing something fun, instead of going to work everyday. I reminisced about our honeymoon here. Go check it out and congratulate Shannon on becoming a Mrs.!

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Onto Thankful Thursdays... because even though I've been in Debbie Downer mode all week, I still have a TON to be thankful for.

I'm thankful... for my husband. Who makes me laugh when I'm sad, and who knows just the right things to do to make me feel better.

I'm thankful... for my job. Even though its quite annoying at times, it puts food on my table and clothes on my back. And getting out at 2pm every Friday during the summer ain't bad either!

I'm thankful... for all my bloggy friends! And for the blogs I read everyday.

What are you OK with this Thursday? And what are you thankful for?


  1. I just ate a bag of peanut m&ms so I'm feelin' ya girl.

  2. we consume way to much food...I hate spending money on it, and I wish I were on vacation too-maybe a pinterest one this weekend for me!

  3. we consume way to much food-I really hate spending so much money on it...and i wish i were on vacation too! maybe a pinterest one this weekend-)