Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Random Tuesday Musings

  •  Who do you think Emily will choose in the end? After watching last night, my bet is on either Arie (the race car driver) or Sean (the blondie)... I couldn't believe she gave Ryan a rose after he referred to her as a "trophy wife". Thoughts? 
  • Sidenote: G may or may not have totally gotten into the show once i suckered him into watching with me! hehehe.
  • My birfday is a mere 6 days away... its hard to believe at this time last year, i wasn't even engaged, yet alone married and living with my man. My how things can change in just a year. And hopefully we will have even more changes on the horizon! ;P
  • Speaking of birthdays, i asked for a book light for my kindle. Major NERD factor. But if it keeps me from going blind trying to read, then mission accomplished.
  •  I had a major nail fail this past week. Then another right after that. The second of which, i simply left on. Can we say ghetto fab?
  • Work is slowing down, and though its nice to take a breather, i almost now feel like i don't know what to do with myself! I guess now i can finally catch up on the month of timesheets i keep putting off.
  • I hate living paycheck to paycheck... i sometimes feel like i'm never getting anywhere in paying off my bills and saving.
  • With that said, the fact that it takes our living room tv a minimum of 1 hr to turn on (we get sound but no picture) makes me want to run to Best Buy and buy a new TV asap. But i won't. Hubs asked me if i wanted a new tv for my bday... nice try hubs, nice try.
  • Google reader is pissing me off. It does weird things with my followed blogs, in that it doesn't group them the right way. Then some of your blogs don't even show. If i could throw google reader across the room, i so would. What do you use to read your blogs?
  • With that said, blogger is also giving me issues... and i was even contemplating jumping to word-press... yeah i know... i probably won't. but i did check it out.

 Is it hump day yet???


  1. I'm with you on Emily's choices. I can't STAND Ryan. And this week Chris got on my nerves, too. He just seemed like a big whiner!

    Yay for upcoming birthdays! Boo for tvs that don't work! I'd be shooting straight to Best Buy myself haha

  2. I use Feedly to read blogs. I find it to be a lot better than google reader and it's way nicer to look at. Try it!