Thursday, June 14, 2012

Birthday Recap

So here we are at Thursday already! I was off for my 21st 30th (plus tax and tip) b-day on Monday... and since i've been back at work i have been super swamped.

Anyway, my birthday was amazeballs! OK that might be a bit strong, but it was really darn good. I got the book light I wanted for my Kindle, a massage from my parents... wait that sounds weird... a certificate to get a massage (from a professional, LOL) and a Pandora bracelet from my MIL. G got me some charms for the bracelet & an outfit from Arden B.
now i can read at night! yay!

the wedding bell is from my MIL. the sparkles and love are from G.

Monday afternoon we hit up some amazing French food at The Avenue in Long Branch. We sat outside right on the beach, and though it was really nice, it was also windy and FREEZING.

our view!

Funny convo that happened at lunch... we ordered a tuna tartar appetizer and it came with this foamy looking yellow-ish stuff on it. which to this day, i still really don't know what it actually was... but...

me: hmmm, look at that foamy stuff on the top, i wonder what that is?
G: its cascade.
me: oh, really? ok, if you say so.
{i start digging in... g is just looking at me}
G: honey, you know cascade is dishwasher soap right?
me: yeah
G: then why would you believe me when i said that's what was on this?
me: um, i don't know. sometimes do you think i'm really actually blond and not asian?
 {we were dying laughing}

Tuesday I came home to a package from my BFF Jen... she knows me so well!

And Wednesday, another surprise package from my bloggy BFF Katy. She's Asian and knows my love for Hello Kitty and candy... how much does she rock? Go follow her blog, she has tons of awesome photos of vegas! one of these days i'm totally getting out there so we can meet!

Overall, all these things made my birthday ROCK! I was semi-depressed about turning another year older. After all, once you turn 21, the allure of getting older kind of fades... But, here's to embracing the wisdom (and less blond moments), clarity, and patience that comes with age!

Cheers my friends!



    You are too awesome...and I'm glad you liked everything!

    Btw, that pandora bracelet...amazeballs. That bell is so freaking cute.

    p.s. as an asian i also have blond's ok. it happens to the best of us. ;)

    p.p.s. don't worry about the turning older. it's hard to tell an asians age from like 16-40. haha!

  2. YAY for awesome birthday! Love the pandora bracelet charms! :)