Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Last 10 Pins.

Linking up today with Michelle... one of my favorite link ups (duh).
I decided today that i would just link up my last 10 pins. and being that i've been pinning for the last half hour (at work, oops) here they are.

I miss being able to wear my hair in a sock bun. Its just too dang short... grow hair grow!

Love how the cabinets and appliances look! Dream kitchen.
Source: via Shana on Pinterest

Cute for a date night at the boardwalk!

How awesome would that be? I predict Snooki the winner!
Source: via Shana on Pinterest

Why, yes, i do have a pair of shoes that i bought over a month ago that i haven't worn. So going to try this at home!

One word: YUM.

Trying to keep a positive attitude! ;P

Blazer love.

Fun for a summer pedicure! And you don't have to worry about not being able to paint your non-dominant foot!

True story. I really procrastinate on folding. Every week. without fail.

what have you been pinning today?

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