Thursday, July 19, 2012

B!tch Session

I'm in such a complain-y mood today, so i figured where better to vent out my frustrations than here on the blog. I mean, this is an outlet for the good & the bad in life right? So here we go.

  • I have a killer headache that i can't seem to shake. Its not bad enough to be a migraine, but not mild enough to only be an annoyance. And PSA, Tylenol does Jack Shit for a headache.

  • Hubs and I got into a major throw down last night. Over a t-shirt. It was just a miscommunication that blew up into a bunch of other things, but a shouting match followed by some girl tears (mine, not his). Things are better today, but i'm still not totally over it. #dramaqueen

  • The workplace is either feast or famine. Don't get me wrong, i'm thankful to have a job, yada yada... but piling 30 projects on me 2 months ago, and now i have not a thing to do for a month, to get slammed again come the fall is a bit annoying. I know i should be taking advantage of the "free time" but boy does that clock sure tick slow when there's nothing to do.

  • In addition to that, i have to deal the most annoying girl outside my office. i feel somewhat bad saying that because i don't think she knows HOW annoying she truly is, but sweetheart, NO ONE cares about your stupid pet TURTLE. its a turtle, not a dog... its not normal for you to call yourself "mommy" to it, to take it to "visit" people, and to tell it to stop clunking around when you're watching tv. Also, though unrelated, please keep your shoes on in the office. If i hear you ask one more person, "i took my shoes off, do my feet stink?" i am straight up going to vomit.
  • i've decided to go on a shopping ban for the month of august to see how much extra i can save/pay bills off. i think that alone is making me quite cranky. but the dog is going to need a teeth cleaning soon, so mama has to save up about $300 bones to get that done.
So there you have it. Thank god we're 1 day closer to the weekend... Rant over.


  1. Haha I love how the fight started over a t shirt - too funny! It's totally okay to bitch on your blog....there's no better place to do it!! :)

  2. that's how our fights go too, over something small and just snowball into something completely different. LOL

  3. Nothing worse than working with someone that is super annoying! I hope things are looking up after the weekend!~