Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fall is around the corner...

and that means BOOT season is coming!

Seriously peeps! I am excited.
I haven't done much online shopping lately, as i've been trying to pinch pennies and kill off some bills. But when i got this email from Urbanog.com today, i broke down.

These can be yours for just $35.20

I've been wanting these beauties since last year, when the awesome Katie from KC&CO blogged about them, but sadly they were sold out. But they're back! And soooo reasonably priced! And with an extra 20% off? This purchase was a no brainer.

I also spent much of last year looking for a pair of black flat boots and when i stumbled upon these, i knew they'd be going in my shopping cart as well.
They're screaming, Put me in your cart dammit!

So go run and  "Like" Urbanog.com on FB so you can save 20% like i did! Whoo hoo!

Happy Shopping Bargainistas!

1 comment:

  1. LOVE urbanog - they have great boots.I bought two pairs there last season!!