Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend Fun

Hello Lovelies! Happy (or unhappy) Monday!
Another long week ahead of us... let's hope it flies by!

Our weekend was pretty low key.  We were hoping for some sun so we could hit the beach or the pool, but mother nature had other ideas.

Friday night after work we headed to dinner at our favorite Greek restaurant called Taverna Ouza.

Its this cute little place with the most authentic and delicious greek food. G got lamb chops (his favorite) and i got fire-grilled salmon with avocado tziki (sp?) sauce... it was amazeballs. G's Staten Island friends were in town for the night so we met up with them for some drinks and good conversation.

Saturday, our designated beach/pool day got off to a chilly start. G had to do a quick HVAC call, and afterwards we grabbed some lunch. My parents were at a BBQ so we headed to their house to let the dogs out (who let the dogs out... we did, omg corny!) And then we went to see Batman.

Great movie, anne hathaway made the perfect catwoman. And i love Joseph Gordon-Levitt, he's just the cutest. Definitely a go-see movie. Though i still love the previous Batman with the Joker more. Unfortunately, with how loud the movie was, i came home with a killer migraine and was pretty much dunzo for the night.

Sunday, G had to work, so i lounged in bed, and watched The Roommate. Which was possibly one of the worst "thrillers" i've seen. Don't waste your time on it. Thought I 'd like it because i love me some blair waldorf (aka Leighton Meester) but... let's just say, the script and the acting were equally horrible.

By Sunday afternoon, i dragged my lazy ass to the grocery store, which i was dreading. But on the way i was able to make 1 fun pit stop at Joyce Leslie. I really haven't shopped at that store in years. If i'm going cheap, i prefer Forever 21 or Target. But my cousin had mentioned they had some cute maxi dresses there, so i figured i'd check it out. Scored an adorable blue and black striped maxi (sorry no pic yet)... and this fun cell phone/wallet case. Don't you just love the bright pink?

Once I was done with all my shopping, i headed to my parents house for some good home cooked dinner. #moocher.

How did you spend YOUR weekend?

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  1. Love the new case!!!

    And I really need to get my butt going and see the batman movie!!

    Also, you kinda suck because I now have that Who Let The Dogs Out stuck in my head. Crap. LOL

    p.s. and I now want greek food!