Friday, November 16, 2012

Confess Sesh...

Top o' the mornin' to ya's! 

Scooter here, practicing my Irish accent, i mean, my mom puts me in these ridiculous shirts, so i gotta act the part, ya know?

well, now that i've confessed that i think my attire is atrocious 90% of the time, i might as well get a few other things off my back...

I confess...

that as payback for all the ridiculous outfits i have to wear, i like to cause trouble.
i can usually get away with every naughty thing i do because of my cute face and charming smile.
but not this time. ma dukes thought she was all funny and put me on blast on some website called Hmpf. i think i'll make a website called and put them up there! oh wait, i think that already exists -- its called the people of walmart or something.

oh! and check out the single most humiliating moment of my life.
are you ready for this? halloween 2012 aka "dress scooter like an a-hole day"

a monkey bellman? For realz? my mom must be smoking the good stuff to buy this for me.
i wanted to be something cool like a monster truck!
and instead i'm a f*cking monkey. with a stupid hat. kill. me. now.

anywho... moving on...

i confess, i love to sunbathe. cancer shmancer.
that sun feels glorious.
i'm gonna look like the snooki of the dog world. minus all the leopard print.

 and my last confession... maybe the best yet...

i straight up laughed my furry butt off when this happened at the vet this week.

that's my brother... with a MUZZLE! lookin' all scurred...
i said, its just a shot, take it like a MAN!
but, nooo, he had to go and get his panties in a bunch...
and see, they went all hannibal lector on his ass!
Bwahahahahahaha.... suckaaaaa....

and don't let my mom tell you she didn't laugh.
cuz she did. hard.

anyway, i'm off to take a nap, or find a place to leave a fun present that mom won't find til its too late!

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