Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November Bucket List

Linking up with Shannon today to update my Bucket List and see what i was able to cross off!

As you can see, i was able to cross a few things off the list.

we planted "Peter" Parsley, "Betty" Basil and "Sal"-Lantro in a cute planter
(sadly Sal and then Sal Jr, met untimely deaths)
thinking maybe "Mitzy" Mint might be the next to try since cilantro hates me.
thanks to hurricane sandy - i read more than 2 books.

1 credit card paid off in full, and i hope to have 2 more done by the end of the year
(don't even ask how many are left after that)

G and i went to AC for a weekend away

i hosted a surprise birthday brunch for my cousin this past weekend
(and have no pictures to show for it)

as you can see, i've added a few things on to the list to replace what i've done.
hopefully i can cross more off this month!



  1. I wanna go snow tubing for my birthday so you can cross that one off the list soon!

  2. Look at you crossing off a bunch of things on your list!! That's awesome! We can certainly thank hurricane Sandy for the book reading:)