Friday, November 2, 2012

Sandy, can't you see, I'm in misery

And by I, I mean, the entire Jersey shore, part of NY and every other area Sandy body slammed...

Luckily, I live about 20 minutes west of the actual beach... or what used to be the beach.

This is what used to be the Seaside Heights boardwalk. Yeah its got that rep from those a-holes on Jersey Shore, but its where i grew up. Every weekend of every summer, with my parents, riding the rides, Then when i was a teenager, hanging out with friends. Then when i was in my 20s, getting a slice of pizza pre- or post-fist pumping.

Here's Spring Lake, NJ where they just re-built the boardwalk 6 months ago. This was taken by my cousin's boyfriend who's a volunteer firefighter.

Despite the blurriness, you can see the destruction. This was early in the hurricane, now its totally gone.

As I said, we're about 20 mins west (inland) of the shore... and have been without power since Monday night. I was able to get most of my food to my mothers (she has a generator) fridge so i only lost about half of it. and we're surviving on candles and lots of soup. They're estimating 7-10 days of power loss, but praying its less.

Day 1

Day 2 - candle lit dinner
Day 3 - reading by candle light.
Day 4 - candles AND flash lights
Day 1  was Monday night -- we were cuddled in bed watching a movie. Little did we know it was the beginning of a very long week. We also learned, we are NOT well prepared - no gas in our cars, no cash in our house, no bottled water... LESSON Learned. Well played Sandy, well played.

Day 2 - i venture out to bring my fridge stuff to moms... a 5 minute trip takes almost a half hour due to road closures.

Day 3 - gas light on in the car leads to an HOUR and a HALF wait at the turnpike rest stop. on my way home, i debate stopping at wegmans. the only store in the area with a generator. parking lot is MOBBED. i later heard there were several "fights" that broke out there... glad i didn't stop. #iloveramen

Day 4 - my parents have power! but nothing else super exciting. Cell service is slowly returning.

Day 5 - today -- made it to the office after several re-routes due to road closures. Gonna hang here for a bit and then head home. Looking for places i can volunteer over the weekend to help those less fortunate than me.

Please keep NY/NJ in your prayers as we continue to clean up from that bitch Sandy! LOL


  1. So glad to hear your safe!! Stay Jersey Strong for us!!!
    Much love!!

  2. So sad to see what happened down the shore. My boyfriend's family has a house in Wildwood Crest, they had some water damage but luckily nothing more serious. I hope you get power back soon!

  3. I said Zucko pissed her off! I just donated so much today to the people in need. I am so devastated. I had no clue what happened to anything though until Wed, when I was at work.

  4. So thankful that you are safe!

  5. I'm glad you guys are ok!!!!!