Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Funny & A Blate

Yo, yo, yo party peeps!

Have a few minutes in between looking at nasty, deformed male anatomy (yes, that project again) to post this HIGH-larious video that mocks Instagram... I heart my Instagram, but ya gotta admit, this is pretty funny.

And in other exciting news... my blate cherry was popped last night! 
By the darling Nikki at My Life, My Way. 

We met up for dinner at Fridays and it was SO SO great meeting her! We have a ton in common (aka arm candy & ex's) and time flew by. I definitely can't wait til we can get together again! Unfortunately we're both bad bloggers and got NO pics together... next time, promise! Go check out her awesome blog if you have a hot minute! Someday I really hope I can meet some more of you (Jenn, Shannon & Michele, and Katy you KNOW i'm talkin' to ya's!)

And that my friends, is what i have to offer you today.


  1. Oh my god. That video is CLASSIC. I may have to steal :)..

  2. YAY!!! A BLATE!!!!

    But yes, I still think we need one.

    and, I. Can. Not. Stop. Laughing. At. The. YouTube. Video.