Friday, December 14, 2012

Sick to my stomach...

Today opened up with yet another vicious, senseless act of violence from an incredibly disturbed individual. All these acts of extreme violence, and this one specifically on LITTLE KIDS! It just sickens me that for every person out there doing their best to live good lives, there is someone who is just PURE EVIL.

I am heartbroken for all those families that lost loved ones... the small innocent children who will never get a chance at life... the teachers and adults that died as HEROES, protecting the little ones.

So today, take a moment to love a little harder, be nicer to not only your family members and friends, but also to strangers. Moments like today shake our faith to the core, but there IS good out there. We just all have to make a conscious effort to spread the good and not the evil. So PRAY today and everyday, that this country, this world can find a way to end this unnecessary and senseless violence.

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