Friday, December 21, 2012

The Countdown is on!

TWO 1.5 more hours people!
Then I am free (hopefully) from work for 11 days!
Holy guacamole!
(can you tell i'm just a leeetle excited?!)

there is so much i need to do... since i've been working my butt off i'll fill you in on some of the happenings (in bullet form of course)

  • we are hosting Christmas Eve dinner for G's family. the menu includes a lasagna, green beans, mashed potatoes and... a NINETEEN POUND TURKEY! like whoa! wish us luck, we brine tomorrow!
  • i am *almost* done with my christmas shopping. just a few more last minute gift cards to pick up from target this weekend and we can call it a wrap!
  • i'm soooooo curious as to what i'm getting for christmas! even though i said i didn't really need or want anything, my stocking appears to be full! however, i was banned from looking at and/or even touching said stocking until Christmas
  • i may have spent all last saturday night watching my favorite christmas movie ELF.
  • i also may have a small beauty product addiction... i have imposed a ban on purchasing anything else until i pay off some of those crazy annoying credit card bills. eek!
  • i'm going to meet my friend's sweet darling baby tonight and i'm super excited! who doesn't love new car baby smell? plus i got her more cute outfits!
  • we're hitting AC for NYE -- hubby scored us a free package at the Taj. this also means we're sure to LOSE money playing when we go down. But its a room for 2 nights, 5-course buffet dinner, open bar, band, NYE ball drop and brunch the next day, so we're taking advantage. now i also need to find a new dress for the occassion!
  • my car is officially MINE. well technically it belongs to me when i was married to my first husband. nothing a trip to the DMV and some divorce papers can't fix!
Since i'll probably be too lazy busy to blog, i hope each of you have a blessed holiday and you get to spend time with your families and loved ones! I'll see ya's on the other side!


  1. SHUT THE F*CK UP! How did you score the AC thing for NYE?!?!!? I NEED something like that! Jealous!