Friday, January 11, 2013

A Big Bag of M&Ms

OK lovelies... i've been working hard (or hardly working) all morning, and i think i need a quick break to get some confessions out on the table. So i'm linking up with Leslie!

For starters... my "diet" and "healthy lifestyle" change has been a big FAIL. I have yet to get on the exercise bike yet this week... and i just bought a big bag of M&Ms -- and i already ate my lunch...

Even though i'm on a spending hiatus, i've still managed to buy a Revlon lip butter, a Sephora nail polish and a couple of things from Lush. Hey, a girl needs her beautifying products!

You know how they say you're not supposed to refill your water bottle all the time. Well, here's my dirty little secret... i've been using the same one, and refilling it. ALL.WEEK.  #notdeadyet. i mean, its ONLY my germs... right?

and i can't believe i'm admitting this one... but the reason i didn't check off anything on my To-Do list last night.... i started watching a certain teen movie about a certain young sleuth and got totally sucked in.

yup.... watched the whole thing. like i'm 12 or something. but emma roberts was super cute as Nancy Drew, though the movie was a bit weird and far fetched. LOL

and with that said (hangs head in shame), i'm off to get back to working!
happy friday loves! one of these days, i'll get around to my Christmas/New Years recap.
let's face it, i haven't done them, because i look totally hideous in the Christmas pictures... oh another confession... they just keep popping out!

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