Friday, January 4, 2013

The Nail Files...

This is my first time doing a Nail Files link-up AND today on Fabulous But Evil's blog you can also enter to win a pretty amazing prize! Go here to check it out!

I painted my nails last Saturday morning, so they would be primed and ready for our AC trip and NYE festivities.

for Christmas (thanks mom & dad!) and couldn't wait to try it out. Mom unknowingly, picked out the perfect holiday color for me!

This is what it looks like on...


and i'm happy to report that we're now on Day 7 and my left hand looks perfect, no chips at all, everything is still super shiny. The right hand has 2 chips but i think that's because i didn't coat the tips of my nails well enough on those two... think there's a tiny bit of a learning curve in applying the right amount of gel polish!

I'll definitely be interested in seeing how difficult it is to remove everything and how long the color really lasts without chipping.

And i promise to be back at some point with updates of Christmas and New Years.
(we all know i'm just a horrendous blogger sometimes. ha.)

P.S. Happy 2-year Blogiversary to me!


  1. Cool. I'm glad this worked for you. Looks beautiful!

  2. Glad to see a good review! I have been up in the air about biting the bullet and purchasing one!

  3. Lookin' good, chica! I got my nails done with a gel manicure the day after Xmas (thanks, MG!) and it's about a week and a half later and no chips at all! Hoping my nails aren't total crap when I take this polish off! haha

  4. Love this color! It has the right amount of shimmer! Hope you had a wonderful NYE!!


  5. They look great! I wondered how well those at-home kits worked.

    Happy Blogiversary :)

  6. that's great that they lasted so long!!

  7. I want to try gel. I need longer lasting these days. I'm too busy!!