Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Last 10 Pins

Linking up today for Pinteresting Wednesdays...
i've been on a pinning spree lately.
here are my last 10 pins!

Source: via Shana on Pinterest

is he not the cutest (and most relaxed) pup?!

Stick-N-Find —bluetooth stickers you place on items, then locate them with your phone!

these look pretty cool. G is constantly losing things, i would stick these on his glasses, his wallet, his keys....

we've been trying to eat healthier, so i'm adding this Quinoa & Sweet Potato Chili to the menu for next week!

another yummy recipe to try out!

Source: via Shana on Pinterest

 with valentine's day coming up, who isn't thinking about love...

definitely want to make this for my dad for his birthday. pistachio is his favorite!

true story.

Source: via Shana on Pinterest

love these nails. going to try something similar tonight!

ROTEL Chicken Enchilada Skillet - because rotel is just the best thing ever invented.

Source: via Shana on Pinterest

 i seriously want to try this with our bathroom vanity... don't think hubby is going to go for it tho. boo.

what are you pinning today?

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