Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane Irene = Fattest Weekend EVER

Hello Loves! I'm back after a weekend of wind, rain and EATING! Yup, that's right... i feel like this today.
G and I spent the weekend watching movies, playing games, eating and eating and eating... hmmm, isn't someone trying to fit into a WEDDING DRESS in 3 weeks??? yeah, that's what i thought. so glad i have a fitting on wed night... (do you sense the sarcasm in my voice?)

Anyway... we watched a couple movies...
 Both definitely good movies, though G fell asleep during Hall Pass (after mocking me because he thought I would fall asleep first!) And I love love loved Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel in Life as we Know it.... sooooo good together... (albeit a bit predictable).

We played this:

and then i kicked some butt in THIS! (yay, go me... i win everytime though! muah hahahaha!)

Overall we were pretty lucky... we didn't lose power once... we didn't have terrible flooding or anything breaking off the condo... it almost seemed like just a really bad rain storm. Other places in Jersey, NY and the rest of the Northeast weren't as lucky... So my thoughts are with all those people still without power...

Work was closed today since all the roads to work were flooded... I'm almost hoping the same is true tomorrow... gotta call the "emergency" work line in the morning to find out!

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. Glad everything is ok with you!!!

    I hope you don't have to work either...I'm jealous. My coworker and I were wondering why we hadn't heard from our warehouse on Friday....yah, we completely forgot about the hurricane situation. [Blonde moment]

    Hows all the wedding planning going?