Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Oh how Pinteresting! DIY edition...

 Linking up with The Vintage Apple again since i was finally able to have a few minutes to pin some neat things! Been way too busy at work and at home to have time for this (i know... the travesty...)

Anyway, here we go!
Love the idea of these fun swirls to give this pumpkin an artsy look!

Or how about this one, with designs using black tacks!

This looks like a fun piece of art, wondering if G would go for it... god knows i have TONS of extra buttons... this would put them to great use!

This is a great idea for mini Neosporins for the purse...

Floating candles in mason jars... pretty... may be a nice idea for our wedding table.

Adorable ruffled t-shirt... i'd love to try, but afraid it would turn out NOT looking like that by any means!

What are you loving on Pinterest lately?
All images via Pinterest.

PS.... dress fitting TONIGHT! woot woot!

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  1. Ok I'm 100 percent doing the black thumb tacks at halloween. I LOVE THAT! And I pinned those mason jars with floating candles too. LOVE THEM!