Tuesday, August 23, 2011

You Fascinate Me...

So for my wedding day, I've decided on hair up... and using a fascinator... i know what you're thinking...
And i PROMISE it won't be obnoxious like that... more so along the lines of this...
Does that girl look familiar to you? Ohhhh, right, you can't see her face... its THIS pretty girl right here!
After reading Kristen's post here, i totally fell in love with the idea of a fascinator... though i plan on wearing my hair in a low up do - think a simple bun rather than down. Here are some of the fascinators i found that i think might work.

(All images via Etsy)

I think all these fascinators are soooo gorgey... i don't know which to even choose! 

Here's my hair inspiration found via Pinterest.

Being that the wedding is about a month away i guess i need to make a choice soon! Sooooo, you tell me, which ones do you like/not like?


  1. awww thanks love!! definitely wear a fascinator! that way your hair looks great photographed at different angles. My faves are #2 and #4. can't wait to see how you wear your hair!!

  2. LOVE these, all of them are so pretty. I think #2 is my fav :)