Sunday, August 7, 2011

Taking a Breather!

Whewwwww! Ladies... it has been WAY too long since i got a chance to sit down and do a "proper" post... so here's the update on life for the past few days...

Wedding Planning - Haven't really done much... met with our "pastor" (did i mention we're Presbyterian now? LOL jk...) and he seemed like a nice guy. He gave us these fun questionnaires to fill out separately and then we bring them back to talk to him about them. We also got the stuff to design our ceremony. I have my walk in song (thanks to PinkLouLou) and am narrowing down a walk OUT song... and then i have to throw in some music in the middle. Got my dress... and its AMAZING. love everything about it and am super super excited to go for my second fitting in a few weeks. Can you believe i haven't taken any pictures of it??? However, here are some of the dresses i didn't choose...

Yes, i am making a stank face... LOL
Thought this dress was gorgey, not sure why i continued with the sourpuss face...
 i absolutely loved this one, it was super pretty and a front runner for a while.
SO, yes, i did find my dress eventually... and you will see pictures... eventually!

Moving - I'm happy to report that all my furniture is out of the townhouse and either SOLD or moved into G's condo... i must honestly pat myself on the back for being such an awesome Craigslist sales girl. I sold my dining room set, couch, end tables and TV stand all in one week. I still have to sell 2 desks, some cabinets and a few other odds and ends.


and... SOLD! 

Other than that, i do still have a LOT of packing to do... but at least i have the next two weeks to really sort thru and get things in order... so much stuff. and i swear i try not to be a hoarder... G is VERY happy that the 55" flat screen is finally in his possession and parked on the bedroom dresser. He is watching True Blood as we speak and i swear the vampires are going to come out of the TV and eat him... LOL.

Work - i think i finally got a chance to catch up at work... well maybe not catch up, but at least i met all deadlines on the projects i had last week. I have 2 big projects on tap for this week and then hopefully i am taking Friday off to get things ready for my dad's party. In the meantime, i've gotten a ton of freelance design work for a company that sells Trollbeads... i totally appreciate all the work and would never turn it down because the extra money is great... but its been so hectic with everything ELSE going on that its a challenge trying to juggle it. However, i was able to take a nice little shopping trip to F21 to get some cute things so like i said, not complaining!

Anyway, hopefully this week i'll have a little breathing room so i can get my dad's birthday stuff wrapped up and design the wedding invites! Hope you all had a good weekend!


  1. I really like that second one, but I can't wait to see which one you ended up choosing! I have that same end table too, but in a darker brown. Good luck with the packing, my least favorite thing to do EVER!

  2. I can't wait to see a picture of the dress you bought!!!

    Also, I'm glad you're still alive after meeting all these people off of craigslist.

  3. i know just how you feel. wedding maddness. i love the second one btw. thanks for another amazing post. Would love if you'd check out my latest post featuring pictures from my Mad Hatter themed engagement party. Thanks love. xoxo

  4. I love the second dress. Do you remember what it is? Can you pin it so I can repin?