Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Cinderella Story

However... this is the part of the story BEFORE Cinderella met her fairy godmother... before she got to wear a pretty dress and dance with her prince... let's backtrack to the part where she's scrubbing floors, doing laundry and dishes, cleaning up after everyone... because lately, that is how i feel like my life is.


i need this biznitch ASAP! (via)

But seriously, let's chat... because G and I had a heated discussion last night. And he told me that he is completely chauvanistic "old school" and that there are the "woman's jobs" and the "man's jobs"...

Ok... so let's look at this list... first of all, there are way more things on MY side than his... furthermore... we dont have a lawn! we live on a golf course in a condo... we get raped pay $300 a month for them to have the landscaping done for us. Third... when i asked G what we were painting, he replied, "nothing, but i would paint something if you wanted me to". Insert rude reply here.

By the end of the night where we basically had the "i want you to WANT to do the dishes" (quote from the movie the breakup - see below) we came to a semi compromise that he would TRY to be more aware of when i need help around the house and that if he isn't willing to pitch in more, he cannot be annoyed that im a cranky biotch.

I'm sure that this little tiff was just us adjusting to living together as a couple - and in the grand scheme of things... inconsequential. And mayyyyybe, quite possibly, i'm just cranky cuz aunt flo is here... but shhhh don't tell anyone, k?

So, here's my question to all you married gals out there... how do you split chores with your men? Do you think this arrangement is fair? For all you single ladies, if you were me, would you just accept your place in life because apparently women's liberation never happened quietly or would you burn your bra in protest?


  1. Ooooh, classic married people talk:-) I think it all comes down to the give and take/selflessness aspect of marriage. I enjoy doing domestic/"woman" things, because I know that if I need help with something or need a break, he's right there washing dishes and folding laundry too. xoxo

  2. hahahaha!! I too am a little old school about things, I mean obviously, I stay home with my children while the hubby goes and brings home to bacon. HOWEVER, in this situation, I always say that Rob is responsible for the outside of the house and I am responsible for the inside. Granted, that can't really work for you since like you said, you live in a condo where they do the yardwork for you. But for ME? We have 2 acres that grows like a weed and it takes him 3 hours to mow the lawn at least twice a week so I guess it works for us haha!!

  3. This is such a typical "discussion" in our household.

    The hubs and I both work full time, not only that but I am back in school full time. BUT he still expects that the dishes are done, the laundry is done, his shirts and pants dry cleaned, dinner on the table and the house looks like a model home. NOT only that, but I still need to have the energy to look great, work out and be open for bed wrestling at any time. While he doesn't come out and say the last few on the list it's really there.

    The husband's excuse is... I work 9 hour days and make 3 times as much money and you work from home therefore you have more time. WELL MR. I may work from home, but I deal with lots of dumb people who drain me. And while I can throw a load of Laundry in and start the dishwasher, sometimes I don't have the time to cook dinner and clean the kitchen, and have the house in top shape....

    So after having me go off on him a few times about us being a "team" and having to do chores around the house together, he's gotten a bit better. He cleaned out the kitchen last night, and put away all the leftovers, since I had cooked dinner and set the table. :-)

    It's a little frustrating at times, and you have to remind them once in a while that they need to help. I don't care if they make more money or work an hour longer than we do.

    Rant over. :-)