Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wedding Music

Linking up HERE for my wedding edition of What I'm Playing Thursday....

Here's some of the songs on my playlist for Sunday!

Processional Song.... can we get an awwwwwww....
thanks PinkLouLou for turning me on to this group!

The perfect end of summer song and perfect song to celebrate being a married couple.

First Dance as husband and wife...

Is this not just the cutest video....
playing this in the very beginning before i even walk in...

I'm so ready for my Happily Ever After....
Lots of pics to come and if you follow me on twitter, i'll try to get some updates there too!


  1. thanks for linking up girl! love that you did a wedding playlist :)

  2. YAY!!!! Hope everything is going smoothly for you. Best wishes for tomorrow. :)

  3. if i didn't know you better i'd think you were a homo.

  4. If i didn't know you, i'd swear you were a homo.