Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Faves! Make up Edition...

Too Faced Perfect Eyes Eyeliner in Black

OK girls... i have found it... the Holy Grail of waterproof eyeliner... As a contact lens wearer, I don't do well with anything that is not waterproof. And as someone who has a tendency of touching/rubbing my tired eyes throughout the day, smudgeproof helps as well. And this eyeliner has it all. Easy to apply, glides right on, perfect sponge smudger on the other end. This eyeliner is my absolute FAVORITE... I've only tried it in black so far, but definitely want to see what the other colors look like!

MAC 188 Small Duo Fibre Face Brush
This brush was compliments of my roomie last year and I started out using it as a foundation brush. Its got a great texture and is stiff enough to hold the foundation nicely. Application is smooth, though because its a bit smaller, takes longer to apply foundation to the entire face. Recently I switched to using for cream blush and I'm extremely happy with the result. It blends very well and I love that I don't have to dirty my fingers anymore with the blush. MAC brushes are the best, and always hold up well (I've had several of mine for over 8 years now).

Avon NAILWEAR PRO Nail Enamel
One of my besties became an Avon rep a while back and I tried out their nail polish (I mean, ya can't go wrong for $3 a bottle right?) And... I LOVE IT. This stuff is GREAT... I think the non-sale price is about $5, but ladies, let me tell you. This stuff LASTS... and I do some serious torture to my hands... typing, washing dishes, banging my hands around... usually nail polish lasts 2-3 days before it starts looking white trashey... this one didn't start chipping/cracking til day 4... today is day 5 and its still looking pretty good...
why do my hands look like i'm 80? ewwww.
Regardless of my nasty looking hand, focus on the polish... Yup Day 5... not bad people, not bad at all.

Anyway... do me a favor and go vote for my bloggy friend Lindsey Lee, the Bargain Blonde -- as the most valuable blogger in the Dallas area... its the last day for voting and i want her to win. Then go pour yourself a well deserved adult bevvy to start the weekend off right!
 Have a great weekend!

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  1. You are amazeballs for putting the vote for me button in your post! Thank you so much Shay!!!!!!!! XOXOX

    Second of all, I'm an eyeliner addict. I wear it every day. I may have to test this out although I just got a ton of elf eyeliner and I really only wear my favorite Ulta eyeliner.

    That polish color is pretty, but what caught my eye is GORGEOUS RING! Give me that bling!!!!!!!!!!