Monday, October 17, 2011

For your viewing pleasure...

This weekend i went to not just one, but TWO dine-in movies. What a great concept... dinner/drinks while AT the movies. AND you get a comfy, spacious leather chair with plenty of leg room to boot! Whoever thought of this fabulous movie going experience is a genius! And the price isn't even that much higher... for an extra $2 i'll take it (price doesn't include food or adult bevvies)... they also have a bar right outside the theater to hang out before or after the movie you're going to see. G and I ended up at the sports bar on the other side of the mall since we didn't know this. But next time, its one stop shopping for us!

AMC Dine-In Movies
So, Saturday night, we were supposed to double date with G's best friends... but one of them got sick (he's ok now)... so we ended up selling those tickets to the people on line next to us. We saw 50/50...

Here's the summary via IMDB: Inspired by a true story, a comedy centered on a 27-year-old guy who learns of his cancer diagnosis, and his subsequent struggle to beat the disease.

This was a great movie! It had great actors, a lot of funny parts and was so heartwarming! I won't give away the ending, but i definitely would recommend checking it out. Seth Rogen was his usual dirty mouthed but hilarious self, while JGL was just plain adorable! Bryce Dallas Howard and Anna Kendricks both held their own as well.

Sunday afternoon, i met up with caryn for a little lunch and What's Your Number. Her and i are both big Anna Faris fans so we knew this movie would be right up our alley... and it definitely didn't disappoint.

If this photo doesn't give you an idea of how absolutely friggin hilarious this lady is (yup her weave was ON FIRE), then i don't know what will... there were definitely a ton of rated R and beyond references in this one, but the laughter did not stop! Telling ya ladies, grab your girls and go see this one! Not to mention that Chris Evans.... H-O-T-T-I-E and yes, you get some topless scenes to drool over his impeccable chest! (shh, dont tell hubs that! hehe)

After the movie, we hit up a little shopping... i didn't score anything majorly exciting... just a couple pairs of jeans... i heart American Eagle... even though i'm 5'5" i seem to have short stumpy legs. Boo. But Yay for American Eagle with their lengths... and the fact that their jeans have some stretch because im as fat as a whale rocks as well!

original boot

This was definitely $35 well spent... especially because i don't have to hem them... we'll see what happens once i throw them in the wash... they're a tiny bit big around the waist, so i threw on a belt today.

My other purchases weren't really news worthy. I'll try to get some OOTD pics up after i wear them. There is one purple shirt i sort of love, but not sure how it looks ON me...

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. You're only 5'5"? You seem taller in pics...hahaha.

    I am now even more convinced that you are my sister from anotha mista because i heart American Eagle jeans too. They are the only ones that I can find that are a good fit, plus since I'm only 5'3" (when I'm not wearing heels) I always get the short size in the jeans and it's perfect.

    Oh, I have also decided that I HAVE to come visit because I want to go to that movie theater. :)