Thursday, October 13, 2011


Happy Thursday everyone... one day closer to friday... which means one day closer to the weekend!
No major plans this weekend... just gonna hang out with the hubs... maybe if its nice try to convince him to take the bikes to le reservoir.

But for now, its still Thursday... and so i'm saying SO WHAT. Ready? Let's go!


  • if our honeymoon is in 2 weeks and i have yet to pick up the tickets and travel arrangements from liberty travel. nothing like waiting for the last minute! though i can't wait to be on this boat!
  • if i didn't force scooter to take his yucky allergy pill after he spit it out 3x. that thing is huge and i wouldn't want to be swallowing it either!
  • if i've been late to work EVERY.DAY. this week. i can't help it that traffic is insane in the membrane going into princeton. (that's me, i'm samir, cussing at everyone)
  • if G and i have a semi-unhealthy obsession with Words With Friends and spend our "quality time" laying in bed next to each other playing on our phones.... 

  • if i OD'ed on the smoky eye look today... i love you Too Faced Matte Eye Palette!
Find it at Sephora
  • if i've been too lazy to do OR fold any laundry all week. i've had very important things to do such as watch Hart of Dixie and Kim Kardashian's Fairytale Wedding
  • if i brought 2 apples to work but have been eating Blow Pops instead...
So tell me, what are you saying SO WHAT to today?! 


  1. <-- worse obsession with WWF (ha ha just realized Words With Friends is WWF)

  2. OMG. I need to get my post done for you! Yikes. I'd say it's like 3/4 so I'm not too worried.

    This post made me laugh. I used to be soooo addicted to WWF. But I kind of fell off the band wagon. :( I've been addicted to fruit ninja lately for some reason though.

    I really want to try that too faced palette now. I hear good things about them.

    I also need to catch up on Hart of Dixie...I really like it for some reason.

    Oh, and I want blow pops.

    p.s. how did the coffee maker go?