Friday, October 21, 2011


NO... not THAT kind of quickie... get your minds outta the gutter! hehehe...

just a quickie post today showing ya's my new f21 pretty!
i'm in LOVE with this top and especially the color.

(please excuse the poor iphone photo from 7am this morning!)

i have a client meeting today, but since our office is super casual i decided to dress up just a little...
i also convinced G to take me to dinner at our FAVORIT-O mexican joint tonight so this top will be perfect for date night as well!

i paired the top with black skinnies and super high grey suede heels that i can barely walk in, and a handmade necklace one of my co-workers made for me a while back...

Hope you all enjoy your weekends... i'm headed to the Jets game on Sunday with G, my dad and my brother... GO JETS!


  1. You look adorable and I love the color of the top, black pants and grey heels. I bet you look perfecto!! Have fun on date night :)

  2. so cute! love the outfit! i'm sure you looked hot! :)

  3. CUTE!!! I just saw your tweet about sangria too...I feel like I need to find some tonight now. :)