Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A little afternoon history lesson...

I had to take 5 to post this... it was just too funny not to. I know i know... after this you are going to realize that... not all asians are that smart. they just play smart people on tv.... hehehe, enjoy!

Instant message between C and i...

[16:11] chrissy15805: why arent we off on monday???
[16:11] yorkygrl11: they're racist
[16:11] yorkygrl11: LOL [16:12] yorkygrl11: against columbus
[16:12] chrissy15805: really! they totally are!
[16:12] chrissy15805: stupid f*ckers
[16:12] yorkygrl11: i guess finding america isnt important!
[16:12] chrissy15805: nope must not be
[16:12] yorkygrl11: thats what he did right? LOL
[16:12] chrissy15805: ummmm
[16:12] chrissy15805: ok
[16:12] chrissy15805: lol
[16:12] yorkygrl11: omg. we're idiots
[16:12] yorkygrl11: wasnt he the dude with the ships?
[16:13] yorkygrl11: or was that the pilgrims
[16:13] chrissy15805: yea wasn't it like christopher columbus sailed across the ocean and that lil poem thingy however the rest of it goes
[16:13] chrissy15805: ohh i think the pilgrims had ships too
[16:13] chrissy15805: werent they named after sluts
[16:13] chrissy15805: well females not sluts
[16:13] chrissy15805: lol
[16:14] yorkygrl11: hahahahahaha
[16:14] yorkygrl11: SLUT SHIPS
[16:14] chrissy15805: hahahah

Yup. that was a real conversation. BELIEVE it. sue me. im a designer not a history teacher... 

And we now return to your regularly scheduled programming!


  1. Bahahaha! Nice it convos like this that Asians get a bad image? Or does this prove that we are only good at math? ;)

  2. ok that definitely cracked me up!

    hope youre doing well girl!

  3. haha too funny!! I am always surprised about how little History I remember from school. By little I mean none. haha

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