Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Ceremony... Pt 2

Well since i'm on a roll and its a slow, lazy, rainy day at work, let's continue on, shall we?

Our ceremony was outdoors in a small private gazebo area... the weather was sunny, yet SUPER humid... and by humid, i mean everyone (bride included) had sweat dripping down our balls faces (sorry, i got a little "get low" stuck in my head)...

G was totally nervous before the ceremony started... he came in to "Marry Me" by Train to get everyone in the wedding mood...

My dad "walked" me down the aisle... daddy broke his neck in a high school football accident and has been a quadraplegic (think Christopher Reeves, minus the breathing tube) for about 50 years now. He has electric wheels, a handicapped driven van and was floored to be able to finally give me away to the RIGHT man. We walked in to Vitamin String Quartet's version of Taylor Swift's Love Story... (can i get an "awwwwww")

Despite the humidity, our pastor did a great job with the ceremony. We had 3 readings done by my brother, my aunt and G's nephew. I also insisted on playing The Prayer by Andrea Boccelli and Celine Dion... don't get me wrong, it was a nice song, but standing there for the 3 minutes absolutely SWEATING MY ASS OFF made it feel like the longest 3 minutes of my life! I even motioned to my bro to cut the music midway... as soon as the song was over... he accidentally blasted a lil Hot 97 (NYC rap station) for a few seconds before figuring out how to shut the music... the perils of DIY music to save a few bucks i guess... the younger crowd enjoyed a snippet of weezy gettin crunk for a sec.

Instead of a candle lighting ceremony we opted to do a sand ceremony... the idea is that before your lives were separate and once both the bride and groom's grains of sand combine, you are now one... intermingled both your lives. i thought it was a really sweet sentiment.

the sand vase now has a home in our living room to remind us of our special day.
The exchanging of the rings and the vows. It was so sticky that I could NOT for the life of me get G's ring onto his finger!!! I was pushing it on and repeating the words the pastor said to say and that ring would NOT budge... i started sweating and then tried to even put some muscle into it. Everyone pretty much saw i was struggling and even started giggling along with me... eventually G sort of just gave it a final push to get it on...

Look at that giant knuckle! LOL

And.....  finally, we were married....

I promise... 1 more part with some more pics and reception stuff... :)

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  1. it sounds like such a special and perfect day (minus the sweating). your groom is so handsome and you are a gorgeous bride.