Thursday, November 17, 2011

Eff, Marry, Kill... Sports Edition

Gotta link up today with The Vintage Apple, this one is just too much fun to pass up!

This week let's focus on pro athletes...

Here are my choices, let me know your thoughts (or just drool along with me)


Since hubby is a Jets fanatic, i figure Mark Sanchez might be the only guy out there that he'd possibly hand his wife over to. But it would be ONLY in exchange for a superbowl win, which... let's face it, isn't going to happen this year...

i'd bend it ANY WAY for him... LOL
Now, you may be surprised that I didn't put Mr. David Beckham in the Eff category... 
here's my thinking...
he's been married to Posh Spice for a pretty long time, which tells me he's gotta be a good hubby... he takes care of all his little ones and they seem to adore their daddy... brownie pts there... AND if i married him, the EFF'ing could be day and night.. and day... and night... and... well you get the pt. LOL hence why Posh just popped out Baby No. 4  i guess! LOL


Even though Mr. Woods hasn't been in the media for some time now, I could still do with one less womanizer in this world.

Discuss. :)


  1. i wouldn;t mind marrying david either :)

    tiger is such a tool lol

    cute blog!

  2. i have no idea who that first guy is...but i agree with all of your choices.

  3. Agreed....Mmmm David Beckham....