Thursday, November 3, 2011

Guest Post: Katy from Seoul FRESH!

Hey Ladies!!! I’m Katy from Seoul Fresh.

This is also my first guest post [guest post virgin] so bare with me.

Shay asked me to do a guest post while she is soakin up the sunshine and lots of cocktails on her HONEYMOON!!! I’m a jealous biach right now.

It took some thinking on how I found Shay's blog, but I saw that Shay had commented on another blog, so I decided to check out her blog (I like to make friends with other Asians...?) and somehow we have become friends. We are official friends too, because we are Facebook [and Twitter] friends. ;) She is also my sista from another mista! 

We've bonded over the fact that we have similar life stories…mine goes along the lines of: My parents couldn’t have kids, so they adopted. First my ‘brotha from anotha motha’ then a little later they decided that he wasn’t enough, so insert me.

(Long story short, my mom got these German outfits from…well I don’t know. But she liked to dress us up…or also make us look like twins. )

I grew up on a small grain FARM in MINNESOTA. Then somehow ended up going over the state line to North Dakota for college. When I was done with those four years, I got the hell out of dodge moved out to LAS VEGAS!


Little about my blog: I started because I have always loved to travel, and I figured it would be an easy way to keep track of my traveling adventures. It then turned into a way to remember everything going on in my life since moving to Vegas.

What is with the name of my blog? Well, Seoul is the capital of South Korea – it was where I was born. The Korean part of my life will always have an influence in who I am. Fresh – kind of has to do with being able to have a fresh start in my life by being adopted, knowing that there was two people out there that were able to open up their lives and their love for me.

But back to present me. Yes, I live in the City of Sin….and I LOVE it! Seriously, if anyone comes to Vegas, hit me up if you have any questions or want suggestions. 

I honestly think it was one of my best choices I made after college. Did I have trouble finding a job and getting on my feet? Yes, but isn’t that what it’s supposed to be after college life? I’ve had ups and downs here, hit a few speed bumps or dead ends, but I’m learning. I wouldn’t change anything because I have met some amazing people and had some unbelievable nights. Going from a small town to Vegas was a change, but not being surrounded by people I know has helped me grow and realize what I want or what I don’t want in life.

A couple random facts about me:
I have a small addiction to caffeine and Pinterest.

I have a lot of nicknames some include: Katy, K-Stets, Kat, Kit Kat, Kathryn, Katy Kat, and anyone that knows me from my sorority in college knows me as Casper. [Long story]

BINGO might be the only gambling game that I am ok with wasting spending money on in Vegas.

I have 5 tattoos. And trust me when I say, you can't get just one. They are too addicting. But you wouldn't know I had them (besides the one that kinda sticks out on my foot if I'm not wearing pants) because I don't know what kinds of job(s) I might have in the future where they do not like/allow tattoos to show.

I want to make it to every night club in Vegas. 

And I want to get out to the East Coast and do a road trip in the New England area....and of course, have a blate with Shay. :)

But, THANK YOU SHAY for asking me to guest blog. I hope you're enjoying your Honeymoon! 

Don't be afraid to stop by my blog and say HI! 

Thank you SO much Katy! I love hearing how people's blogs have started and think it's great that our stories are so similar! And how cute were you and your brother when you were little... i have similar pictures i'll have to dig out of the archives! 

 We definitely need to plan a cross-country BLATE, that would be SO exciting! 

I'll be back on Monday to re-cap the honeymoon!

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