Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas is COMING!

Alrighty then.
(i may or may not have watched Ace Ventura Pet Detective this weekend)

I know I've been slacking in blog land... but with CHRISTMAS COMING!!!
i've been doing a whole lot of this:

Buying ornaments for our tree!
Found this mini nativity ornament at a specialty shop here in Princeton and I just couldn't resist!

Trying out new recipes!
Sadly, this is NOT one i'd repeat... but it was a valiant attempt at being skinny...
these are supposed to be mac and cheese "muffins". They came out fantastic... except they tasted like there was NO cheese whatsoever. I may try these again at a later point, but instead use full fat milk and full fat cheese. #fail
 OK this has nothing to do with the holidays, but downloaded iFunny on my phone 
and died laughing when i saw that.... 
it really does look evil right???

My husband may or may not have "technically" broken into a house this weekend.
Come on people... the window was open.... 
it was brand new construction, for sale and the realtor didn't pick up. 
what other choice did we have? 
it was a really nice house btw, one i would LOVE if not for the railroad tracks (out of service but still...) and FACTORY right across the street.... 
it was a huge letdown to see that, being that the house was absolutely adorable, in our price range and the perfect starter home. however, resale value is important, 
so bye bye dream home.

Sunday morning wifey stayed in bed while hubby cooked an amazing breakfast.... 
poached eggs with tomato, fresh mozzerella, and avocado on top of english muffins.
it was quite the feast!
and finally... i spent some quality time with this guy:

that was my extended weekend in a nutshell...

got some other ish going on right now... 
dealing with psycho neighbor, getting ready for christmas, etc.... 
so stay tuned, ill be back with a honeymoon recap as soon as i can!

TTFN bitches!

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